Dr. Langstrom

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Real Identity: Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Appearances: Son of Batman
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Biochemistry
Voiced By: Xander Berkeley

Dr. Kirk Langstrom is a brilliant scientist who once created a serum that turned him into a humanoid bat simply named Man-Bat. Langstrom appeared to have reformed and was banned from ever working on the serum again or he would be jailed. He and his wife Francine had a daughter they named Rebecca.

Ra's Al Ghul approached Langstrom to help him splice animal DNA to human using advanced mutagens. Ra's wanted to create the ultimate warrior for his Operation Airstrike - an army of flying super-powered ninjas using sonar in the dead of night. Langstrom agreed and was provided volunteers. In secret, he began working on an advanced mutagen to add to the serum but it proved too unstable. Langstrom recruited Killer Croc to steal drugs from biotech firms in exchange for steroids. After coming close to a breakthrough, Langstrom and his family were collected by Deathstroke. Deathstroke informed him there was a new agreement in play and took his family hostage. Langstrom and his lab were moved to the Gotham Coliseum. He was horrified when Batman and Robin found him. To make matters worse, Robin tossed Langstrom and caused a commotion. While he ran off, Batman and Robin dealt with Deathstroke's forces. Robin caught up to Langstrom first and almost used his sword but Batman intervened. Langstrom was bagged and brought to the Batcave, where he explained his part.

Langstrom had no idea where his family was but recalled Rebecca mentioning two mountain peaks that looked like cat ears. Robin recognized the description as Interlaken. While Batman and Robin investigated, Langstrom went to work on developing an antidote to his Man-Bat Serum. Once Nightwing informed him his family was safe, Langstrom worked even harder but caught on fire after something exploded and suffered minor burns. He produced hundreds of doses. The antidote doses were loaded into the Batplane. Nightwing piloted it to the Outer Hebrides, where Deathstroke had taken over an oil rig. Langstrom occupied the Batplane's ventral turret and fired the antidote doses on Deathstroke's Man-Bat Ninjas.