Sarah Charles

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Real Identity: Dr. Sarah Charles
Affiliations: S.T.A.R. Labs
Appearances: Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence
Voiced By: Melique Berger

Sarah Charles was an intern at S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis who worked on Dr. Silas Stone's team and reported directly to Dr. Stone. Amid the chaos of the Apokoliptian invasion, Charles ran to the Red Room with Dr. Stone and Morrow to save the life of Stone's son, Victor. Charles tripped but was pulled into the Red Room just before bay doors sealed the facility shut. She noted Victor Stone was in immense pain and something had to be done. To their astonishment, Stone survived the emergency surgery and became a cyborg. Charles later attended the U.S. Capitol building ceremony that honored the seven heroes who saved Earth, Victor Stone among them.

Sarah Charles earned her doctorate and continued working for S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis. Cyborg and Charles gradually became closer but the former kept a distance. Dr. Stone and Charles made environmental upgrades to Cyborg and replaced his remaining lung. She came by the Justice League headquarters to check on him post-operation but it became awkward. The next night, Charles came by again to thank Cyborg for the field data and to inform him she was still working on a patch to quiet his servos. Cyborg was focused on digitally cross referencing every existing mention of Atlantis in hopes of finding the city's location and brushed her off. Even Shazam noticed the tension and advised Cyborg to ask her out. When Cyborg declined the notion, Shazam was displeased he had become a workaholic like his father. After the Atlantean invasion ended, Charles repaired Cyborg. Cyborg finally came around and was about to kiss Charles when Shazam burst in with news of Arthur Curry's coronation. Charles agreed to a dinner date with Cyborg.