Renee Chandler

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Real Identity: Renee Chandler
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4)
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Emily O'Brien

Renee Chandler is the estranged wife of Chas Chandler. John Constantine attended their wedding but he made a scene when he spewed out all over Renee's aunt. Chas and Renee Chandler were happy for a time and had a daughter named Trisha. Trisha Chandler was the light of his life but the past few years took him to a dark place. Chandler finally told Renee about Newcastle, when he and Constantine brought a powerful demon Nergal to the Casanova Club to save a young girl named Astra Logue from being used to channel dark magic. But Nergal slaughtered everyone but Constantine and Chandler then took Astra back with him to Hell. Chandler hadn't really gotten over the Newcastle incident. He pushed her away and drank himself sick.

Chas and Renee Chandler separated for seven months. Trisha Chandler, now eight, fell into a coma and the doctors at London Hospital had no idea what caused it or how to cure it. Chandler could sense the cause was in dark magic. He sought out Constantine to check Trisha. Chas and Renee Chandler waited outside Trisha's room. Constantine read her aura and found it was tainted but he tried to look further but was denied and a swarm of insects poured out of her mouth. Constantine popped halfway out the door and told the Chandlers he would need more than five minutes and was calling in a specialist. Renee Chandler demanded to know what was happening then watched as time stopped around them. Nightmare Nurse arrived and looked over Trisha but was briefly overtaken by the demon Beroul. He burned "1247 Enstrom LA" into a window. Chandler demanded Constantine to open the door. As Nightmare Nurse composed herself and retook her human form, time was rewinded a little and restored.

Constantine and Nightmare Nurse stepped out into the hall. Chas Chandler demanded to know who she was. Constantine explained she was a "private nurse" he hired to keep watch over Trisha while he went to Los Angeles. Chandler convinced Constantine he was going along, too. Renee Chandler examined the spell cast on Trisha by Nightmare Nurse and asked her again if they were the only two who could see the Shield of Airmed. Nightmare Nurse assured her it would protect Trisha. Chandler found it all crazy. Nightmare Nurse was annoyed and stated the humans had no idea about the darkness out there. Chandler replied she knew more than she thought and the darkness almost destroyed her husband. Nightmare Nurse recalled he was with Constantine in Newcastle. Chandler was surprised she knew about it but Nightmare Nurse clarified she only knew scraps of the story because Constantine never talked about it. Chandler couldn't bring herself to tell it. Nightmare Nurse stated it wasn't a request and touched her forehead. Memories manifested as bubbles and poured out.

Renee Chandler went into a trance and retold the whole story. At the end she concluded that was why Constantine ended up in Ravenscar Secure Facility and Chas Chandler soldiering on for years pretending everything was alright. She admitted to believing him then pondered it could never be alright again after going through something like that. She sobbed at the window. She asked Nightmare Nurse. She wiped a tear from Chandler's left eye. Time suddenly rewinded to when she declined to retell the story. Nightmare Nurse told her it was alright and she didn't have to tell her if she didn't want to.