Commissioner Gordon

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Real Identity: Commissioner Gordon
Appearances: Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin (Hallucination), and Batman: Bad Blood
Powers/Skills: Criminlology and Leadership
Voiced By: Bruce Thomas

Commissioner Gordon is one of Batman's closest allies in Gotham City. Gordon usually makes contact with Batman using the Batsignal on the rooftop of the Gotham City Police Department Headquarters. Batman met up with Gordon at Arkham Asylum to interrogate Killer Croc. He informed Batman that Croc was coming down from the steroid he was using and wasn't likely to talk. Batman made Croc spill his benefactor's location in exchange for medication. Later that night, Batman spoke remotely with Gordon in Ubu's hospital room. Gordon reiterated Ubu was in bad shape and was surprised he was still breathing. After the police searched Ubu's residence, Gordon noticed something interesting and kept it on his person. He activated the Batsignal and revealed a slip of paper, after realizing there was a new Robin. Batman and Robin headed to the Gotham Coliseum.

A little over two weeks after Batman disappeared in a battle against Heretic's gang, Commissioner Gordon commented on the matter during a press conference. Gordon insisted Batman didn't punch a time clock and the police was more than capable of keeping Gotham City safe. Damian Wayne saw the News 52 clip of the press conference and could tell right away that Gordon was lying. He decided to return to Gotham and investigate. While Batman was held captive by Talia and subjected to Mad Hatter's brainwashing, he suffered a mental episode where he was dragged underwater by several figures in his life. Gordon was one of them.