Chas Chandler

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Real Identity: Francis "Chas" Chandler
Affiliations: Mucous Membrane
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, and Episode 5)
Powers/Skills: Driving
Voiced By: Damian O'Hare

Chas Chandler is John Constantine's oldest friend. They knew each other since they were 10 years old growing up in Liverpool and were inseparable. Moreso, they looked after each other because both their families couldn't. Chandler was attracted to Constantine's unpredictability and Constantine was drawn to Chandler's soft heart. They further bonded over their shared love of music. They got obsessed with it and formed a band. They spent years performing at low class venues for a percentage of the door but they always thought they were a day away from fame and fortune. Eventually, they ended up at the Casanova Club in Newcastle. Constantine found out Alex Logue, the club owner, was using his own daughter as a focal point for spells to draw dark magic to him. Constantine decided to stop him and Chandler followed along.

Constantine came up with a plan to summon something more powerful, the demon Nergal. While Nergal tore Logue and his followers to pieces, Constantine and Chandler grabbed Astra Logue and ran back to upstairs. Constantine did not cast a binding spell on Nergal and he slaughtered nearly everyone. Nergal immobilized Constantine and Chandler, opened a portal to Hell, took Astra Logue out of Chandler's hands, and left. Chandler soldiered on and pretended everything was alright. Constantine attended Chander's wedding but he made a scene when he spewed out all over the aunt of his wife, Renee. That was the last time he saw Constantine. They were happy and had a daughter named Trisha. He sent an announcement to Constantine but didn't get a response. Trish was the light of his life but the past few years took him to a dark place. Chandler finally told Renee about Newcastle. Chandler hadn't really gotten over the Newcastle incident. He pushed her away and drank himself sick.

Chas and Renee Chandler separated for seven months. Nine or ten years after the wedding, Trisha Chandler, now eight, fell into a coma and the doctors at London Hospital had no idea what caused it or how to cure it. Chandler could sense the cause was in dark magic. Chas Chandler knocked on Constantine's door and told him to open the bloody door. Constantine grabbed a partially damaged cigarette and opened his door. Chandler noticed blood all over his face and mused it maybe wasn't a good time. Constantine remarked it was never a good time and lit his cigarette. They went to a pub to talk. Chandler told him he looked like shit then began to talk about his life falling apart but he couldn't finish. Chandler drove Constantine to the hospital and talked about the coma. Constantine warned him it was convienient to blame problems on some devil lurking the shadows when in reality, terrible things simply just happen. Chandler asked him to just have a look.

Chas and Renee Chandler waited outside Trisha's room. Constantine read her aura and found it was tainted but he tried to look further but was denied and a swarm of insects poured out of her mouth. Constantine popped halfway out the door and told the Chandlers he would need more than five minutes and was calling in a specialist. They demanded to know what was happening then watched as time stopped around them. Nightmare Nurse arrived and looked over Trisha but was briefly overtaken by the demon Beroul. He burned "1247 Enstrom LA" into a window. Chandler demanded Constantine to open the door. As Nightmare Nurse composed herself and retook her human form, time was rewinded a little and restored. Constantine and Nightmare Nurse stepped out into the hall. Chandler demanded to know who she was. Constantine explained she was a "private nurse" he hired to keep watch over Trisha while he went to Los Angeles. Chandler convinced Constantine he was going along, too. They booked a flight to Los Angeles.

During the flight, Constantine had the same vision he had before Chandler came to his flat. Chandler suggested it was early on-set dementia. As the plane began its descent for landing, Chandler looked outside and noted Los Angeles was beautiful. Constantine chided him and reminded him it wasn't a sightseeing tour. He wondered why he let Chandler come along. Chandler cited his natural charm but pointed out it was about her daughter and he needed a driver. He was amused at Constantine's claim he could drive himself. Constantine warned they would be messing with deep, dark magic. Chandler asked if it was bigger than Newcastle. Constantine told him they can't change the past. Chandler countered he could change the present and showed him an old family photo. Constantine tried to warn him he might not be able to but Chandler stopped him and insisted he would and put the photo in his jacket pocket. Constantine mused there were no happy endings, just a price to pay.

Chandler boasted there was no price too high when it came to his daughter. Constantine told him to tell him that again after the price was paid. Chandler was started by some turbulence to Constantine's disdain. While in the airport, Chandler noticed a newspaper with a headline about 23 new cases of a coma. Constantine found him and they took the escalator down. Constantine noticed a woman going up staring at him strangely. Chander didn't and asked him if he thought it was a trap. Constantine insisted it was always a trap. They drove to 1247 Enstrom. Constantine clued Chandler in on the address' anagram: monster. He wasn't as amused by it as Constantine. They arrived at a mansion and knocked. A butler resembling an anthropomorphic pig answered. Chandler was startled by him. He was amused to tell them to enter freely and of their own free will then asked them to wait in the mezzaine. Chandler crushed a rat corpse under his boot and was grossed out. Constantine ignored the butler's request and walked past a red curtain.

Constantine found an in-door swimming pool filled with liquefying corpses. Beroul appeared and countered that he liked the smell and insisted the pool would be ready for daily swims after the bones were dredged out. Beroul tossed Constantine and admitted to using the theft of Trish Chandler's soul as a lure to bring him to Los Angeles. He revealed his plans to open a branch office of Hell in the city but needed the competition eliminated. Chas Chandler overheard and ran towards him. Beroul simply teleported him away to the roof of the Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood.