Ms. Bannister

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Real Identity: Ms. Bannister
Affiliations: Wayne Enterprises
Appearances: Batman: Bad Blood
Powers/Skills: Business
Voiced By: Kari Wahlgren

Ms. Bannister is a high ranking executive officer at Wayne Enterprises. She is the co-chair with Lucius Fox, whom she infamously "barked" at over the years. During a company meeting with Bruce Wayne through a video conference, Bannister commented his trip to the rainforest was ill-timed with the World Tech Summit coming up in a week. Despite being told the research team was studying rare herbs that could prove revolutionary for medical research and a boon to the company's pharmaceutical interests, Bannister still questioned why Wayne had to personally lead the team. Wayne only reiterated it was his company and he could do what he wanted. She reminded Wayne he still answered to the Board of Trustees but he ended the meeting and deferred any remaining questions to Fox. Bannister wanted to talk to Fox about a long overdue discussion but he tabled it to go meet with his son, Luke, outside the board room and head to lunch. At the World Tech Summit, Bannister introduced Wayne for his keynote speech and referred to him as a man of fellowship, kindness, and peace.