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Real Identity: Angela Roth
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Powers/Skills: Unknown
Voiced By: Laura Bailey

Young Angela Roth was rebellious and gullible. She wound up in a cult and was selected to be the bride of Satan in an ancient ceremony. Trigon, in the form of a man, emerged from the smoke and seduced her. After learning what he was, she fled the cult and went on the run with nowhere to go. She encountered a group of people from another dimension who offered her asylum. She accepted and was taken to Azarath, a realm of beauty, peace, and tranquility, where she raised her daughter Raven. Raven did not fit in and desired to know more about her father. Raven carried out a spell that brought Trigon to Azarath. He destroyed it. While others ran, Angela stood her ground and prayed. Her last thought was of Raven. She was disintegrated in a massive shockwave.