Wayne Manor

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, Batman: Bad Blood, and Justice League Dark
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Wayne Manor is the home of the Wayne Family in Gotham City. After Bruce Wayne became Batman, he rennovated caverns under the manor into his headquarters and added secret passages connecting the two. A passage to the Batcave is hidden by a grandfather clock in one of the studies. A secret elevator to the cave is kept in a tool shed outside on the lawn. The manor is currently occupied by Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne lived there when they were active under the Robin codename. As part of Bruce Wayne's dietary regime, Pennyworth has fresh and organic ingredients shipped to Wayne Manor daily. Of the known rooms of the manor are various studies, a screening room, a kitchen, and dining area.

Damian Wayne, frustrated with being kept a secret, often sneaked out of Wayne Manor at night as Robin. At about 7:36 pm, Bruce Wayne and his girlfriend at the time, Samantha Vanaver, finished dinner at the manor. Wayne took her to a study to show his plan to upgrade and modernize Gotham City. Damian Wayne happened to be asleep in the room and met Vanaver. Later that night, Robin tried to sneak out again but was foiled by the latest security system upgrade - a laser grid, projectile launcher triggered by motion, and a brick wall that folds over to reveal a steel fence that is fortified with electricity. Nightwing was later called in to babysit Robin while Batman investigated a clue left by Talon. Soon enough, he discovered Robin left his bedroom and went into Gotham City on his own. Bruce and Damian Wayne had words when the latter tried to sneak back in. Eavesdropping on Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in the hallway, Damian left the manor again. Alfred Pennyworth revealed he turned off the security wall as a gesture of good faith.

After Bruce Wayne was taken to the Court of Owls and offered membership, he was returned to the front gates of the manor in his wrecked car. Seven hours after his transmission went out, Batman was found by Nightwing in a drugged state. He returned to the manor with Batman. Talon betrayed his masters, the Court of Owls, and vowed to eliminate Batman so Robin could be free. All dead Talons were revived and they converged on Wayne Manor. Pennyworth took the grandfather clock passage to the Batcave and activated the Panic Room Protocol, sealing off parts of the manor.

As Batman and Nightwing fought the Talons, Batman didn't hesitate to trigger several explosives to take them out. Eventually, Batman forced the wounded Nightwing through the grandfather clock passage to patch up his wounds. At around 11:55 pm, Talon appeared to Batman. Batman easily took him out, blew up the room, leapt out the window and made his way to the yard. He entered a tool shed and took a secret elevator to the Batcave. As the battle continued in the Batcave, Robin returned to the manor. He retrieved his sai and made his way to the cave. With the battle concluded, Damian Wayne packed his belongings and left Wayne Manor. In utter shambles, the manor was quiet again. Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth packed up what books weren't damaged in the battle until the issue of Damian was brought up.

Several months later, Damian Wayne returned home. After suffering a concussion in a battle with the Heretic Gang, he was tended to by Pennyworth in his bedroom. Pennyworth relayed Grayson's orders for him to undergo 24 hours of observation. Naturally, Damian Wayne disobeyed and prepared to leave the Batcave but was ambushed by the Heretic and kidnapped. A week later, Bruce Wayne had a heart-to-heart with his son in light of Talia al Ghul's presumed death while she retreated from the World Tech Summit. Grayson thanked Pennyworth for lunch and left for the Titans Tower to visit Starfire. After a meeting at the Hall of Justice about a possible supernatural outbreak of insanity, Batman returned home. Bruce Wayne shaved in his master bathroom but cut his right cheek. He saw the word 'Constantine' appear on his mirror. He wiped his face and walked into his bedroom only to find 'Constantine' written in blood all over.