Wayne Enterprises

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman and Batman: Bad Blood
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Wayne Enterprises is a vast international conglomerate currently ran by Bruce Wayne. Lucius Fox and Ms. Bannister served as co-chairmen of the company for several years. As his officers spoke of LexCorp waiting to pounce on the Carlin account, Wayne was not pleased to find his newfound son Damian in his office. Damian had been studying the company and concluded the reason why the profit margin was down in Argentina was because someone was skimming revenue. After the Atlantean invasion of Metropolis, Wayne Tech and S.T.A.R. Labs partnered on a project named the Watchtower Initiative to address the new status quo of dangers that threatened the world.

A week before the World Tech Summit, a meeting of the board was held. From the Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth used technology to pose as Bruce Wayne in his absence. A story was fabricated that Wayne accompanied a team to a rainforest to examine rare herbs that could prove revolutionary for medical research and garner millions for Wayne Enterprise's pharmaceutical interests. Bannister protested that he had to lead the expedition team but all concerns were deferred to Fox. Outside the boardroom, Luke Fox waited for his father. The lunch was cancelled. The next night, Fox worked on past dinner on a new Batsuit. Luke Fox came to his office to try and get him to admit he had supplied Batman with some of his technology for years. Fox played coy but the Heretic Gang suddenly blew their way into the room. Fox triggered the alarm button under his desk and sent a security breach message to the Batmobile. The Heretic Gang wanted access to the Wayne Tech vault on Sub-Level 3. Luke Fox resisted but Heretic threatened to break his neck. Fox caved in to their demands.

The Calculator stopped at a wall and accessed a drawer behind it. They stole one sole case. Lucius Fox was shocked they knew what they did. Heretic stabbed him. The Batmobile soon entered the vault and rammed Tusk into a wall. In the course of the battle, Electrocutioner continuted attacking Robin despite Heretic's orders and was killed with a knife. The gang fled into a transport parked in the sewers below. Luke Fox pleaded with Batman for help. The next night, Batman led Batwoman to a ledge on the exterior of Wayne Enterprises where they shared their respective histories. Luke Fox returned to the vault and donned the suit his father was working on. He named himself Batwing. A week later, politicians and dignitaries from more than 20 nations converged on Gotham for the World Tech Summit. Bruce Wayne delivered the keynote address and introduced new translators and the Watchtower Initiative. The building they were in rose up and levitated above the city.

Talia al Ghul, Mad Hatter, Calculator, Tusk and Firefly infiltrated the building and moved forward with a plan to brainwash all figures in attendance to take over the world. In the finale of the aerial battle between Batwing and Firefly, one of the Watchtower's thrusters was blown up. It began drifting into the city towards the Wayne Enterprises building. Batwing instructed Robin to manually transfer power from the damaged thruster to the remaining two while he placed himself between Wayne Enterprises and the Watchtower. Batwing activated all thrusters on his suit and managed to barely avoid a collision.