Watchtower Initiative

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Batman: Bad Blood
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Watchtower Initiative is a business venture developed by Wayne Tech and S.T.A.R. Labs in response to more dangerous threats to the world. A prototype structure was built in time for the World Tech Summit in Gotham City. Those in attendance had no idea what they were sitting in until Bruce Wayne mentioned it in his keynote address. The two techs in the control room activated the Watchtower's thrusters and it levitated above the docks. The summit, however, was targeted by Talia al Ghul. She planned to brainwash the politicians and dignitaries from over 20 nations in attendance. With them under her control, she controlled the world. Mad Hatter, Calculator and Tusk took the control room and started up a brainwashing program. Bruce Wayne was revealed to already be under Talia's control. Batwing hacked the computer of Lucius Fox, his father, and found schematics for the Watchtower Initiative. Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, and Batwing jammed the Watchtower's radar and shut down the alarm system. They jumped from the Batplane and boarded the tower. Firefly was out on patrol and alerted Talia to their presence.

Tusk fought Robin, Talia fought Batwoman, Batwing fought Firefly outside, and Nightwing was forced to take on Batman. Firefly lost control of his suit and flew into one of the Watchtower's thrusters. It lost stability and floated over the city on a collision course with the Wayne Enterprises building. After Robin failed to save Tusk, he manually transferred power from the damaged thruster to the remaining two. Alfred Pennyworth made his way to the control room and fought Calculator. Pennyworth decked him into some electrical equipment and caused a power surge. Mad Hatter's head was blown off as a result. The brainwashing program was disrupted and the summit attendees were saved. Batwing and Robin stabilized the Watchtower just in time and spared Wayne Enterprises. Nightwing had one of his shoulders broken and was defeated. Facing execution, Nightwing managed to get through to Batman by reminding him he wasn't a killer and he brought everyone together because he understood their pain and lonliness and need for a family. Talia heard enough and drew her sword on Nightwing but Batman shot it out of her hand. Surrounded by everyone, Talia pulled a grenade but it was just another fake out. She leaped outside of the Watchtower into a transport. They watched as the transport crashed into the bay.