Washington D.C.

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League: War and Justice League Dark
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Washington D.C. is the capitol of the United States of America. At 8:45 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman's car had just about reached the White House when the leader of a group of protestors climbed atop the roof. Wonder Woman stepped outside and realized she was being protested. She dispersed the protest after throwing her Lasso of Truth on the leader, who admitted he cross-dressed in a Wonder Woman outfit and it made him feel powerful. Trevor and Wonder Woman continued to the White House. However, she grew impatient waiting for the scheduled meeting with the President and left. She met a girl named Hannah Grace outside and learned of the existence of ice cream. Wonder Woman enjoyed it very much and congratulated the vendor. Trevor tried to remind her of her responsibility as a political envoy but they were interrupted when Parademons flew out of the White House. Wonder Woman fought the horde and followed them to Air Force One, saving the President and First Lady. She met Superman and together they landed in Metropolis. The seven super-humans saved the world and were honored in Washington D.C. at the U.S. Capitol building.

One night, a businesswoman was infected by the Dreamstone's madness while she was driving and berating an employee's presentation over the phone. She was rear ended and got out to yell at the driver but saw a demon instead. She returned to her car and drove off with his arm pinned by her window. She saw demons all around and ran through several of them until Wonder Woman stopped and lifted the car up. She pleaded with Wonder Woman to save her from the demons. After similar incidents took place all around the world, the Justice League met at the Hall of Justice. Batman didn't agree there was a paranormal element to it and abruptly left the meeting. Once Constantine agreed to look into the epidemic and to team up with Zatanna, Batman, and Deadman, he headed to D.C. to borrow the Keshanti Key from Ritchie Simpson. They discovered Shrouds were waiting outside Simpson's home. Constatine brushed off their threats and dismissed them with a spell. Simpson greeted them but was shocked to see Batman. Simpson thought Constantine had finally come to apologize.

Simpson forgave Constantine then realized he didn't come to apologize. He punched Constantine then refused to help. Batman reasoned with him on account of all the innocent lives at stake. Simpson reconsidered and gave the key. They used the key to procure a memory from a victim of a ring belonging to the perpetrator then returned to D.C. to see if Simpson could identify it. The Shrouds were back and collecting Simpson's soul. Jason Blood was trying to help but knew the implications of his presence would be miscontrued and he fled. Constantine gave chase and chained him up while Batman injected a syringe filled with adrenaline into Simpson's chest. Simpson briefly regained consciousness then fainted. They took him back to the House of Mystery, just as he anticipated. Simpson gathered the Dreamstone in the House then Destiny took control of his body and manifested. Destiny declared himself a god, blew up the House, then flew into D.C. to spread his madness. The city soon fell into chaos. Batman notified the Justice League.

Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman were infected with the madness as well. While Batman disarmed Green Lantern, Blood summoned Etrigan but Destiny broke Merlin's spell and split Blood and Etrigan back into individual beings. With little options, Constantine lit a tree on fire with a spell to trick Swamp Thing into attacking Destiny. Just as Batman removed Lantern's ring and tasered him, Wonder Woman lunged at him. Zatanna appeared and cast a spell that wrapped her up in her own Lasso of Truth, immobilizing her. She incanted again just in time to prevent Superman's punch from connecting with the back of Batman's head. Destiny was disgusted with finding out Swamp Thing hoping to be human again. He immobilized Swamp Thing with telekinesis then pulled Alec Holland's corpse from Swamp Thing's mass. Suffering an existential identity crisis, Swamp Thing returned to The Green. Constantine came up with a Trojan Horse plan and had Deadman hide in his body then he got Destiny's attention with insults.

Destiny took the bait and pulled Constantine into his force shield. Thanks to his experience with the paranormal, Constantine resisted the Dreamstone's influence and continued irritating Destiny. Deadman emerged from him and possessed Destiny. The force shield dissipated as he struggled with Deadman and he fell to the street. Deadman was ejected then Blood impaled Destiny from behind with Etrigan's blade. The attack also knocked the Dreamstone out of his chest. Constantine used pyromancy while Batman blew up the Dreamstone with an exploding Batarang. Destiny burned away until only Simpson was left. The Shrouds arrived, extracted his soul and took it through a portal in the street to Hell. Etrigan and Blood agreed that Merlin's spell had ended. Blood's fatal wound from the day of the spell returned. Blood implored Constantine not to be sorry and welcome death then he passed on. A few days later, Zatanna visited the Hall of Justice after Batman invited her to join the League. He also wanted Constantine to join but Zatanna anticipated he would think Batman went mental.