Trigon's Realm

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Trigon, the interdimensional demon and conqueror of worlds, resides in his own hellish realm with countless demonspawn and his children, the Corruptors. After Raven brought Trigon to Azarath by mistake, he destroyed it and took Raven back with him to his realm. She learned Trigon needed her as a conduit to open Earth to his control. She overpowered him with her magic and trapped him within a crystal that only she could touch and he couldn't destroy. She then enclosed the crystal within a towering floating structure and went to Earth, yearning for a home. After Trigon was brought to Earth, Raven knew the only way to stop him was to imprison him back into the crystal. The other Titans and Cyborg went with her to Trigon's realm. They were attacked by the demonspawn. To make matters worse, Beast Boy's physiology began to violently react to the surroundings. He managed to regain his senses and took on several bizarre but strong new forms. The Corruptors greeted Raven then merged into a three headed monster.

Raven flew to the floating structure and opened it. She continued on as a floor was generated. Before she could retrieve the crystal, the fourth Corruptor threw his sword at it and shattered it. Robin came to her aid but the Corruptor had taken on the form of Ra's al Ghul. Robin was able to overcome the Corruptor and kicked him into a column where several demons grabbed him. In a panic, he asked Robin to save him. Robin beheaded him. A demon collected the head. Raven picked up a crystal shard and asked Azarath to grant her strength to contain Trigon. Raven's soul self emerged and crossed over to Kahndaq City. It engulfed Trigon and pulled him back to his realm where he was trapped within the shard. Raven elected to stay behind and watch the shard every single minute to make sure Trigon would not escape again. Robin quoted Robert Frost and convinced her home was with them back on Earth.