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Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
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The Titans Tower is a giant T-shaped building located on an island outside of an American city. It is the home of Starfire and others who came to be known as the Teen Titans. The tower was set up as a school of sorts for powered individuals with nowhere else to go, to help each other control their gifts, and become their best selves. The training room contains a sophisticated hologram machine used to generate opponents to fight. Nightwing made periodic visits to the Tower to see Starfire. A daily training session came to an early end when Nightwing arrived with Robin, whom Batman wanted to learn teamwork. The next day, Robin spent an hour and a half training. Starfire admonished him but he continued until Blue Beetle powered the machine down. Robin picked a fight with his new teammates and ended up in battle against Beetle. However, the Scarab angrily lashed out and blasted Robin point blank. Raven managed to heal Robin from near death at the cost of her own health. Both recovered.

That evening, Robin found Raven meditating outside tower and thanked her. He inquired about Raven's empathic ability but she preferred to be alone. While Raven saw his memories, he saw some of hers - someone who looked like a man. She refused to answer and remarked it was none of his business then went through a portal. Robin returned inside the Tower and sort of apologized to Blue Beetle. Beast Boy chided Beetle. Robin went into Starfire's room without her permission and searched for files on the Titans on her laptop. Starfire discovered him and wasn't pleased. He discovered she lacked much intelligence on all of the Titans. She implored him to have faith. Robin remarked faith was a belief based on the absence of data and left. Starfire had a video chat with Nightwing and vented her frustrations with Robin. He inadvertently gave her an idea to take the Titans out for a night of fun at a local carnival. Trigon's Corruptors arrived and disrupted the festivities. Raven transported the Titans to Azarath and revealed her origins.

The Titans returned to the Tower the next day. They implored Raven to stay instead of running away and they would imprison Trigon again. Batman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman boomed to the island with the Flash arriving soon after. They wanted to take Raven into custody but Robin disagreed. Raven realized the Corruptors were also present and they possessed the League. Batman managed to inject himself with a nerve toxin created to combat Bane with and took himself out of the battle. Raven agreed to go with them to the Infernal Shrine if they spared the lives of everyone else. Blue Beetle managed to scramble Cyborg's systems at the last second and exorcised him. 24 hours later, Cyborg regained consciousness but Batman was still out. They devised a plan to save Raven and decided on liberating Superman first. Superman freed the other Leaguers while the Titans went for Raven. They were too late and Trigon was summoned. Raven managed to trap Trigon in a shard of his crystal prison and save Earth. Robin convinced Raven home was with them back at the Tower. She went with them.

Ten days later, back at the Tower, the Titans had a video chat with the Justice League. Batman confirmed they were no signs of the Corruptors. Superman and Wonder Woman then Batman congratulated them. Cyborg suddenly boomed into the Tower for pizza night and survived an awkard moment. After the League signed off, the Titans dived into the pizza Cyborg brought along. As the party continued into the night, the Titans turned on a dance competition video game like one they participated in at the carnival a few days ago. A blonde girl on a flying rock, Terra, approached the Tower from the ocean.

After another successful raid of a H.I.V.E. base, the Teen Titans returned to the Tower. Blue Beetle and Beast Boy played foosball. Terra came in and checked the pizza but left after Beast Boy tried to get her attention. Beetle advised him to stop turning into a chimp and stealing monkey kisses. Beetle called a time out and went to his room. Terra went to the hologram room and watched Starfire battle simulated Gordanians while Raven meditated. Terra inquired if it was true Trigon was trapped in the jewel on Raven's forehead. Starfire confirmed and advised her to talk to her more. Terra found her too creepy and left. Raven opened her eyes amid whispers. Beetle video conferenced with his family. Milagro Reyes, his younger sister, thanked him for the 17 Forever gift cards then left but the conversation went south after his father got upset again about how it was two years since they were all together and he still had the Scarab. Nightwing went to the terminal room and started transferring the files confiscated from the third H.I.V.E. base they raided.

The computer played the most recent footage of Brother Blood, an interview with Bryce Peterson. Robin commented Ra's al Ghul would have been impressed with Blood running a worldwide cult and H.I.V.E. at the same time, but Nightwing corrected him and stated they were the same organization. Before Robin left to go on patrol, he congratulated Nightwing on moving into an apartment with Starfire. He admitted she made a decent leader and revealed he approved of them. Nightwing thanked him. Starfire arrived, having finished with her shower, and asked Nightwing if he found anything in the files. Nightwing didn't but he explained he added the newest files to the others too damaged to read from the previous raids in the hopes the computer would find a connection they missed. It would take one to two days to complete. Beast Boy, in bug form, asked if anyone saw Reyes. Terra saw him on the monitor working a punching bag. Beast Boy invited Terra to watch him finish beating Reyes in foosball. She told him to buzz off.

Starfire observed Reyes' anger and asked her to go with Beast Boy. That night, Nightwing helped Starfire pack but they were interrupted by one of Terra's recurring nightmares. As she thrashed in bed, the Tower shook. Raven tried to connect and touched her head. Terra woke up and pushed Raven away. She insisted it was just a nightmare and told everyone to leave. Nightwing was concerned. Robin asked Raven what she saw in Terra. Raven replied it wasn't his business. Robin clarified everything that went on in the Tower was his business like it should be for everyone. Raven reminded him Starfire was in charge and walked away. The next day, Starfire gathered the Titans outside the Tower for a training session. She imparted another lesson instilled in her by the Warlords of Okaara, to be ready for anything, you must train for everything. The Titans were paired off. Starfire swept Nightwing off his feet with her staff, Blue Beetle lost control of Scarab and it blasted Raven full force, and Terra lost control due to Beast Boy's unwanted advances.

After Terra snapped back to normal, they all tried to console her with advice. She asked what was wrong with them and stormed off. Terra, in her civies, headed into the city at night. Robin went to the terminal room and told Nightwing he believed Terra needed to be watched. Raven added she sensed something was off about her. Nightwing countered she needed understanding, not surveillance. He agreed with Starfire's assessment that she was worth it. Robin warned him making decisions with his heart would get people kiled. Robin left to the Tower and tracked down Terra in the city but was captured by her and Deathstroke. The next day, Raven went to Terra's room and eventually offered to teach her some meditation techniques to help her stay in control of her faculties then informed her the team was assembling in the common room. Terra was concerned they found out she was a double agent. The Titans surprised her with a party for the one year anniversary of her joining the team. She rescinded her earth constructs.

Terra teared up and thanked them. The party got started. The computer finished file reconstruction and integration with Blood's files. They went to the terminal room and learned of a molecular biologist whose personal lab was still being paid for by one of Blood's holding companies. The Titans suited up and deployed. The Titans returned to the Tower after the scientist was killed by a H.I.V.E. drone. Starfire and Nightwing continued to look over files and photos confiscated from the H.I.V.E. scientist. Starfire insisted on recalling Robin. Raven, Terra, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle were in no mood to finish the cake. Beetle admitted he was beat and had to make lunch at the Gabrielle's Horn the next day while Beast Boy announced he was invited to be on Kevin Smith's podcast at Metro-Con. Starfire told the team to be extra vigilant as they go about their daily lives because she had a feeling the mission was just a prelude to Blood's true plans.

Terra went outside to the beach and skipped pebbles. Beast Boy, in frog form, hopped onto a rock near her and apologized her party was interrupted. Terra was resigned to it happening. He advised her not to let the new revelations shake her up and promised he had her back. Terra admitted it was something else that bothered her. He turned into a rabbit and promised he was all ears, turned back to normal and remarked she had a pretty smile. Terra told him about how she became an orphan after she was persecuted about her powers. Beast Boy noted it could be a bond and talked about how everyone on the team dealt with pain, a pressure that either formed a diamond or grinded you into dust. They kissed. Terra told him not to get used to it. They kissed again. Beast Boy turned into several animals and cheered. Deathstroke came on her comm and admitted he almost believed her and informed her they would move on the Titans the next day. She stopped Beast Boy and told her she was tired. As she walked away, she readied herself.

The next day, Dick Grayson discovered Blue Beetle was kidnapped from the Gabrielle's Horn. He drove to the Metro-Con for Beast Boy and issued a message to all Titans to gather at the Tower but it was too late. Beast Boy and Starfire were taken as well. Terra attacked Raven in the Tower and pierced the building with several earth constructs to defeat her. Grayson returned to the Tower around dusk. He surveyed the damage from Terra and Raven's battle then told the computer to track Terra's phone. He suited up and made his way to the Church of Blood. After Brother Blood's plans were prevented, Raven presented a puppy to Robin on the roof of the Titans Tower. It lifted its left ear and whined at Robin. He raised an eyebrow at it. Wonder Girl, the Teen Titans' new member, flew past them. She slightly dropped but flew on.