Sisters of Perpetual Grace Convent

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Batman: Bad Blood
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Sisters of Perpetual Grace is a respected religious order of nuns that secreatly acts as a front for international criminal activity, including the League of Shadows. One of their convents is located outside of Gotham City on an atoll. Talia al Ghul used the convent as her base of operations. Bruce Wayne was held against his will for a little over two weeks and subjected to brainwashing under the oversight of the Mad Hatter. The Heretic disobeyed Talia's direct orders and brought Robin to the covent. He planned to take all of Robin's memories so he could have a "soul." Heretic pleaded with Talia to allow him to go through with it but she shot him dead. Batman (Dick Grayson) and Batwoman stormed the convent in the Batmobile having followed the signal put out by the tracker hidden on Robin's suit. Several nuns shot their M-60s at them upon sight. The Batmobile launched its missile array and rammed the front gate down. Batman and Batwoman were soon surrounded by nuns armed with M-60s and katanas. Batman dubbed them nunjas.

Just as Firefly and Killer Moth were about to join the battle, they were intercepted by Batwing. Tusk sealed the entrance to the main building and informed Talia what had transpired. Surprised to learn three Bats were outside, Talia ordered a retreat and deemed the convent was expendable. They left Robin and Bruce Wayne behind. In the aerial pursuit between Firefly, Killer Moth, and Batwing, the structural supports for the convent were blown up. While Robin tried to snap Wayne awake, Batwing blasted the front doors but was forced to resume his battle with Firefly and Moth. Onyx pursued Batwoman up to the bell tower. Once inside, Batman encountered Hellhound. The convent began to collapse. Hellhound and Moth were buried under rubble while Onyx fell off the tower to the waters below. Batman, Robin, and Wayne nearly did as well but Batwing flew them back up to the stable portion of the convent grounds. After Batman thanked Batwing, Wayne abruptly stated his assistance was no longer needed and ordered Batman and Robin back to Gotham City.