Schott's Toys

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Batman vs Robin
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Schott's Toys is a toy company based in Ichabod, a town 60 miles away from Gotham City. It was originally owned by Winslow Schott but he was found out to be a psychopath and was convicted. Eventually, the factory was taken over by his son and one of his victims, Anton Schott. Anton Schott and the factory did well for a time but Ichabod was later devastated by floods. Three years later, Schott took on the name Dollmaker and kidnapped children who bought products from Schott's Toys. He cut the faces off of dolls in the factory and grafted them to the faces of his victims, whom he believed he was protecting and giving a means to defend themselves. Some died from the process. Others survived the surgeries and amputations but were reduced to a feral state. All the children were kept in cages like animals.

Robin found the connection between the children and Schott's Toys, stole the Batmobile, and went to Ichabod on his own. While Batman flew to the town in the Batplane, Robin entered Schott's Toys. Robin found the children yet to be worked on and encountered the Dollmaker. He released his dolls and they attacked Robin. The Batplane arrived above the factory and Batman descended. While Batman neutralized the dolls and freed the other children, Robin chased after Dollmaker. Robin ultimately spared Dollmaker's life but Talon executed him and left before Batman caught up.