Observatory of the Cosmos

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Observatory of the Cosmos is the base of operations of the wizard Felix Faust. He kept it invisible to mortal eyes and heavily warded it from locator spells. Ritchie Simpson framed Faust as the culprit behind an epidemic of insanity all over the world. Unable to locate the Observatory, Constantine sought out Swamp Thing. The only problem was Swamp Thing didn't like Constantine. Zatanna appealed to Swamp Thing to ignore his feelings about Constantine and do what was right. He sensed Zatanna kept a garden. Zatanna admitted she found it relaxing and watered it every week. She asked about Faust but Swamp Thing couldn't just find someone. She added to look for a place where dark magic infected the earth below it. Swamp Thing agreed to help so that they would no longer pester him in his swamp. Swamp Thing brought them to the outskirts of the Observatory. He declined to help and returned to the Green. Jason Blood summoned Etrigan and leaped into the Observatory, where Faust was reading. Faust refused to stoop to fighting his kind and summoned the Demons Three.

Zatanna kicked Faust from his book but she discovered he conjured an idol that prevented any woman from speaking in his sanctum sanctorum. He summoned his book back and blasted her into a bookshelf. Deadman tried to possess Faust but he pulled him out. Constantine and Batman attacked with fireballs and Batarangs but Faust trapped the former in a cube of water. Batman fired his grapnel line at Faust's book and whipped it into the cube then yanked Constantine out as it faded. Zatanna sent out a blue orb to locate Faust's idol. Constantine shielded himself with a black diamond relic just as Faust attacked him. Faust found Zatanna and froze her. Etrigan tackled Faust but he levitated a dagger into the demon's chest and turned him back to Blood. Zatanna, to his amusement, attacked with stored magic. He conjured several glyphs and fired at her. Constantine rose up from the crater unharmed while Batman continued to throw exploding Batarangs. Zatanna disabled the idol and went into overdrive. She repelled Faust's spells, grabbed his throat and threw him into a column then fired a huge blast at him.

Zatanna conjured a giant glyph and formed it into a giant sword and tossed it. Constantine stepped in front of Faust and pleaded with her not to kill him. The sword stopped and broke up into a multitude of smaller blades all pointed at Faust. Constantine instructed Zatanna to regain control like he taught her. Zatanna returned to normal and her blades fadeded away. Batman walked Faust over to everyone. Faust was still puzzled what he did to deserve such an incursion. Constantine showed him an image of a ring from a memory of a victim driven mad and asked if it was in Faust's collection. Faust admitted he didn't know because he owned several hundred rings of varying design and properties. Blood realized he wasn't the one behind the nightmare crimes and pointed out he had the ability to summon the Demons Three and thus had access to the Dreamstone at anytime. Faust was still puzzled. Batman deduced Ritchie Simpson was the real villain.