New Orleans

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Chapter One and Chapter Six
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Amanda Waller was driven to her evening appointment with occult expert Jason Blood in New Orleans. He was only in town for the night. She finished a call confirming she was going to Belle Reve the next day with new "recruits" and wanted them ready. She got Blood to verify her Get Out of Hell Free Card but found out it was redeemed by Bronze Tiger. It was discovered she was marked by the Sceptre, an avenging spirit. Just as Waller was about to leave and get a drink, Blood stopped her and remembered the Amaurex Key, a relic similar to the Hell Card.

After relocating Scandal Savage and Knockout, Waller returned to New Orleans with the Suicide Squad. While en route, Waller's driver received a call from an irate Deadshot. Waller told him the $9.5 million payment was removed because he didn't follow her instructions about carrying out the hit. He soon realized the hit was just an alibi for the squad. Waller hung up and told the driver to pull over. Xanadu's parlor was abandoned. An elderly homeowner claimed there never was an occult shop or Madame Xanadu ever. She had Captain Boomerang force the door open. They found a note that read "Light Me" near a candle. Waller complied and a spell was activated. A "recording" of Jason Blood told Waller that they had to leave because some old enemies found their location and he didn't want to risk Etrigan burning down the French Quarter since it was sacred. Blood revealed he had starting point for Waller's search but had to convey it in person. He instructed her to meet him at the Granary Burying Grounds in Boston the next day at twilight, where he would also secure her a guide - a spirit.

Blood's old enemies revealed themselves, several Rougarou. The squad battled them while Waller continued listening to Blood's message but Dr. Polaris abandoned them to get drugs off a nearby dealer and Chimera started eating the dead Rougarou. The Spectre interrupted Blood's message and told Waller her time was coming and the good she achieved didn't balance her dark deeds so she was doomed to suffer an eternity at the hands of the countless she wronged. Harley re-entered the parolor to brief Waller but found her curled up on the floor.