Metropolis Health Center

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Metropolis Health Center is a hospital in Metropolis. After Superman prevented him from killing his family, a man named Steve was taken to the Health Center and restrained in his room in the psych ward. John Constantine believed Steve's memories would reveal what was caused him and other law-abiding citizens around the world to go insane and kill others. Constantine, Batman, Zatanna, and Deadman sneaked into the Health Center and found Steve. Constantine bypassed 20 odd hours of incantations and placed a Keshanti Key on Steve's forehead. It opened a portal into his mind. A nurse walked in on them and went to call security but Deadman possessed her. He went to keep watch at the nurse's station. Constantine and Zatanna entered the mental plane and started searching. Ritchie Simpson used his piece of the Dreamstone to take control of Felix Faust, unaware it was really Destiny taking over. He conjured a Golem from fecal matter in a restroom in the Health Center. The lights flickered then the toilets began to back up.

The Golem pulled a nurse into the restroom then stormed through the hall past the nurse's station. Deadman hid the nurse behind the station then flew to the two security guards trying in vain to shoot it. Deadman possessed one guard and tackled the other out of the way. Batman soon noticed staff fleeing through the hall. Deadman couldn't open a set of locked doors in time and a guard was killed by the Golem. Batman threw exploding Batarangs at it but only triggered the sprinkler system. He turned on a crash cart and tossed it onto the Golem. While it was distracted, Deadman possessed an orderly and threw Steve over his shoulder then ran for it. The Golem shoved the cart aside and grabbed Steve then entered a locked room. As Steve's body was vaporized, Constantine grabbed an image of a ring worn by a figure that infected Steve. He and Zatanna returned to the earthly plane in time and she discorporated the Golem. All over the room. Deadman couldn't help himself and remarked it really hit the fan. Constantine chided him. Batman looked into the room then joined the others.