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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): Justice League: War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Three Power: The Harder They Fall
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Metropolis is a major American city located in New York. In recent times, the super-human known as Superman was sighted throughout the city. A Parademon began abducting people in Metropolis. The kidnappings were chalked up to life in the big city. Eventually, Superman encountered the Parademon. At 6:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Billy Batson sneaked into the high school football state finals and watched Victor Stone make the winning pass for his team. The two later met when Batson hid in a locker room from a guard. Stone pretended not to see him and recognized him as the boy who sat in his father's reserved seat. At 9:03 PM EST, Batman and Green Lantern touched down near the Daily Planet in a jet construct. They located Superman at a LexCorp Demolition Zone. Things didn't go well and the battle spilled into the city until Batman revealed he knew Superman's secret identity. In kind, Superman used his X-Ray vision to learn Batman's.

Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman relocated to an old Daily Planet printing press and made a connection between kidnappings going on in major cities across the nation. Suddenly, the confiscated Mother Box activated and a Boom Tube was generated. The trio fought a wave of Parademons until Superman suddenly abandoned them and flew off to save Air Force One. Billy Batson had a similar encounter with a Parademon in the backyard of his foster parents' home. He turned into Shazam and followed the Parademons back to the source, S.T.A.R. Labs. Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg, and Shazam banded together and opposed the Apokoliptian invasion force led by Darkseid.

The Super Seven was set up with a headquarters in the Metropolis branch of S.T.A.R. Labs. After the sinking of the S.S. California, Clark Kent and Diana Prince went on a date at a Greek cafe. They were interrupted by Lois Lane then Cyborg and Shazam after they emerged from a Boom Tube outside. Naturally, they drew attention to themselves. Prince Orm later took the throne of Atlantis and murdered his mother Atlanna. He led the Atlantean army under cover of a tidal wave to Metropolis. They were met with opposition from the U.S. Army and the Justice League. The war ended once Arthur Curry defeated Orm and took the Trident. The Atlanteans stood down and pledged themselves to their new king.

The Justice League built a new headquarters in Metropolis separate from S.T.A.R. Labs. Only Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg were present at the headquarter's unveiling ceremony. It was disrupted by a surprise attack launched by a group of supervillains named the Legion of Doom and led by Lex Luthor. Robin was tasked with crowd control and he begrudgingly directed guests of the ceremony to safety. Batman lured Solomon Grundy to a nearby Metropolis Electrical station and tricked him into coming into contact with live transformers. Wonder Woman pursued Cheetah into a parking structure and used her Lasso of Truth to slam her onto the roof of a vehicle. Superman and Flash, likewise, disarmed their opponents Luthor and Weather Wizard respectively. Cyborg tasered the Toymaster then crushed his gauntlet. Around 6:32 pm, Weather Wizard tried to run away but he came across a Corruptor demon and was possessed. Robin ignored Batman's orders and flew the Batplane into the Wizard. The three kiloton blast knocked Wizard out of the sky. Wonder Woman caught him with her lasso, inadvertently expelling the demon.

The next night, Clark Kent spoke to Diana over the phone and suggested a movie date as he walked to the communal laundry room of his apartment. A Corruptor demon ambushed Kent in the laundry room and attempted to possess him. After going through footage of the ceremony, Batman realized the demon's target was not the Wizard. He deduced it was Superman. Kent and Diana left a theater participating in the Metropolis Film Festival. While Diana commented on her dislike of the female lead's role of being rescued by the leading man, Kent started to succomb to the Corruptor. He ran off into an alley. He settled in an excavation site and repeatedly bashed his head into a slab. He soon saw an image of Trigon's realm and heard the phrase, "Trigon lives." The Corruptor took control of Superman and flew off towards a robbery in progress by Atomic Skull. Skull eventually realized something was different about Superman but he was nearly killed. Wonder Woman and Batman arrived on scene. Batman attempted to poison Superman's body with Kryptonite but it wasn't enough and Superman flew away.

Batman alerted Steve Trevor and military satellites began tracking his movement. The satellites lost him 55 miles off the coast so the Flash was dispatched to continue the search while Cyborg searched net for reported sightings as well as recent supernatural events with a subsection for females. The League suspected Raven was at the center of things. Superman aided the police in a stand off involving a man named Steve holding his family at gunpoint in their home. Superman came through the roof and shielded them from Steve's shotgun then disarmed him. He discovered Steve was claiming monsters killed his family and neighbors and pleaded with him to check the shed. Superman heat visioned the door down and discovered the bodies of his neighbors hung from the ceiling and wrapped up. It was only one of a repeating pattern of incidents taking place all over the world. Batman ended up allied with Zatanna, Deadman, and Constantine. They sneaked into the Metropolis Health Center and found Steve in the psych ward.

Constantine applied the Keshanti Key to Steve's head and opened a portal into his mind. While he and Zatanna searched his memories for answers about who caused the outbreak of madness, Destiny conjured a Golem from the hospital's restroom and set it loose. Deadman jumped from nurse to security guard to orderly as the Golem made its way to Steve's room. He tried to flee with Steve after Batman triggered the sprinkler system and threw a live crash cart on it but the Golem grabbed Steve and went into a locked room. As Steve was dissolved, Constantine and Zatanna barely escaped in time and the latter discorporated the Golem all over the room. Constantine managed to extract an image of a ring worn by a figure who infected Steve.

On a rainy day mid-week, Ma Kent went to Toy Hospital mid-afternoon to get Clark Kent's old Blastfyre toy repaired. She discovered the owner went out to lunch. Coincidentally, a giant Blastfyre attacked the business. Superman heard her scream and flew back to Metropolis at super-speed. He was surprised it recognized him but his scans indicated there was no one alive inside controlling it. He led the Blastfyre to Centennial Park since it would be empty at the time. He froze rain puddles and tried to knock Blastfyre on its back but its core auto-gyro kept it upright. He grabbed it by a leg, lifted it into the air, and dropped it on its head. He discovered Toymaster inside, who learned it was a robot built by his father, the late Winslow Schott, to get revenge on Bruno Mannheim for letting him take the fall in a money laundering case decades ago. Lobo suddenly flew over, prompting Superman to give chase.