Maurepas Swamp

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Maurepas Swamp is a mostly flooded cypress tupelo swamp located about 25 miles west of New Orleans, Louisiana. Scandal Savage discovered the Amaurex Key and its dead host were staying out in the Maurepas Swamp. Savage, Amanda Waller, and the remains of her latest Suicide Squad took the jet from Paris to Louisiana. She led them to the swamp and found the host, Solomon Grundy, but he was warned of their arrival by Gentleman Ghost. Grundy declared he would kill them all. Waller sent a message to Blood requesting his presence. Gentleman Ghost revealed in life, Savage swore him to guard the key and in death, he was bound to that role. Deadman left Bane's body to prevent Gentleman Ghost from possessing members of the squad. Grundy decked Bane then everyone with guns opened fire on him to no avail. Gentleman Ghost mocked their effort only to be punched by Deadman. Grundy ripped an arm off Ms. Clay then Bane tried to choke him out even though he didn't breathe. Polaris tried feeling around for metal in vain. Grundy swung a tree at them.

Deadshot asked Harley what Gentleman Ghost said about the key while Bane continued his assault on Grundy. He mentioned he broke Batman which prompted Grundy to break his back over a knee. Deadman pointed out karma was real. Polaris had no other choice and sent Waller's jet into Grundy and set off an explosion. Grundy arose unscathed. Gentleman Ghost mocked them and was punched again by Deadman. Deadshot keyed on Gentleman Ghost saying the key was forged and realized they had everyone they needed to take Grundy down. Waller agreed with the plan but Spectre appeared and declared her time on Earth was over. Harley corrected Grundy they were the Suicide Squad, not heroes, then Deadshot got his attention with several shots. Ms. Clay uppercut Grundy then got her arms ripped off. Scandal Savage emerged from Clay's body and slashed his chest. Dr. Polaris sensed the Amaurex Key and drew it out. Waller tripped and realized the Spectre was an illusion. Removing the key created a temporary tear between the physical world and afterlife.

Everyone floated around and could now see Deadman and Gentleman Ghost. Jason Blood appeared and estimated things would return to normal shortly. Grundy faded away then Gentleman Ghost did as well, no longer bound to the physical world. Deadman was summoned for his next mission and bid the squad goodbye. Blood was insistent on finding the key so he could prepare it for Waller. Ms. Clay took the key from Savage and passed a fake onto Blood. He admitted he manipulated Waller into finding the key so Etrigan wouldn't know of his plans. He intended to use the key to break his curse and get rid of Etrigan once and for all. He transformed and realized he was tricked. Etrigan was amused and told Ms. Clay he was indebted to her then teleported away. Scandal Savage declared she was keeping the real key until Knockout made a full recovery and, in the meantime, set out to take over her late father's empire. Harley looked at the bright side of things and Waller would get what she wanted if Knockout pulled through and she lived long enough. Ms. Clay was just happy she survived. Deadshot agreed but felt like something else was still out there waiting. They were all unaware they were being observed by the real Spectre.