Las Vegas

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers: Not Applicable
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Las Vegas is a city in Nevada known as a major entertainment mecca. John Constantine and Jason Blood played a game of Poker against the Demons Three at the Lucky Devil Casino. Constantine was not pleased to see his four of a kind lose. Constantine suggested Blood let Etrigan play a few hands in his place. Blood only sought the Dreamstone in the Brothers' possession. With David Copperfield on his way, Abnegazar opted to bust them out and went all in. Constantine raised him with the House of Mystery and all of its contents. The Brothers deliberated and agreed to call with their relics. Constantine was skeptical about the combined value of a Soul Catcher, Algid's Ice Spiker, the Ghaurrazzi, and a chipped Dreamstone but he didn't want to be a poor sport and accepted. Constantine only had a pair of two's. He cheated and used his magic to undo Abnegazar's cheating and win. Abnegazar was infuriated and vowed to rip his heart out. Blood hid behind a column while Constantine fired the Ice Spiker at the Brothers.

Constantine only had an affinity for magic not a natural ability to conjure and was forced to stop using the Ice Spiker or he, himself, would freeze. Blood refused to summon Etrigan and involve himself in the fight so Constantine incanted and forced Blood to summon him. Upon seeing Etrigan, Rath and Ghast tried to resort to words rather than violence. Abnegazar was annoyed and ordered them to kill everyone. Etrigan spewed fire on them and chopped their heads off. They vowed bloody revenge as their body parts rolled into a portal. Etrigan changed back to Blood and slugged Constantine. Constantine pointed out everything worked out then transported the Brothers' relics into the House of Mystery outside then left.