House of Mystery

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers: Dimensional Travel, Teleportation, Levitation, Intangibility, Avatar Creation, and Restructuring
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The House of Mystery is sentient building with supernatural origins that exists simultaneously between dimensions. It became John Constantine's base of operations and home, more or less. He stored the most dangerous magical artifacts at the House. As a safety precaution, the House kept the artifacts out of phase. The magic of the House became curious and created a female body for itself to experience humanity. It took the name Orchid. Constantine played Poker against the Demons Three in Las Vegas. Abnegazar tried to bust him and went all in. Constantine raised him with the House and all its contents. The House appeared floating outside the Lucky Devil Casino. The Brothers agreed to call and bet their relics. Both sides cheated and a fight broke out. Constantine saved himself by forcing Jason Blood to summon Etrigan. Constantine stored the Brothers' relics into the House, including a chipped Dreamstone, a working Soul Catcher, Algid's Ice Spiker and the Ghaurrazzi. Blood called him a world class bastard as Constantine returned to the House and it vanished.

Heeding Deadman's message, Zatanna agreed to help Batman and take him to Constantine. She placed some symbols into the Batmobile's GPS for the House to locate them as they drove. Batman, Zatanna, and Deadman abandoned the Batmobile to a demonic tornado and ran into the House. Constantine remarked he should have known Zatanna was the reason he wasn't enjoying a pint in London then mused the House always did like her better. Batman briefed Constantine on the growing epidemic of insanity around the world. Orchid startled Constantine and suddenly appeared then inspected the House's visitors. Constantine reviewed past incidents. Deadman added Rama Kushna was concerned it would break down the walls between the planes and even affect the afterlife. Constantine agreed to look into it and revealed the House had the power to drop them off wherever they wanted. Deadman countered that Rama wanted them to work together on the case. Constantine and Zatanna argued until Batman interrupted and stated they were wasting time.

Ritchie Simpson modified his plan to recover the Dreamstone and manipulated events so that he would end up in the House. While Orchid monitored Simpson, Blood was interrogated in the main room. Blood explained he sought out Simpson for a way to gain access to the House so he could steal the Dreamstone and prevent Destiny's return but he found Simpson near death. He continued and explained his own origins and link to the Dreamstone. Constantine refused to let it leave the House. Simpson continued with his plan and framed the wizard Felix Faust. While Constantine, Batman, Zatanna, Deadman, and Blood were off fighting Faust under false pretenses, Simpson made his move. He pressed his palm on the Dreamstone shard affixed to the top of his cane and took control of the House. Orchid was an unable to attack Simpson on account of Constantine's standing order to do everything to help him stay alive. It complied and took him to the main room. Simpson had Orchid walk into the fireplace then brought the Dreamstone forward.

Constantine and the others returned but their portal was shifted outside the House. Constantine demanded entry. Simpson opened the door and revealed his true plans. However, Destiny was just manipulating him the whole time. Destiny took over his body and rematerialized. He drew up a force shield around himself, declared himself a god then blew up the House. Zatanna drew up a shield around everyone in time but expended a lot of energy to do so and lost consciousness. Constantine produced a necklace and incanted. While Zatanna healed in the ruins of the House, the others set off for D.C. to stop Destiny. A few days later, the House rebuilt itself near Blood's birth place after Constantine, Zatanna, and Etrigan laid him to rest. Constantine proposed a drink to Zatanna to rechristen the House as it were. Zatanna warned him it wasn't going to turn into some sort of Manchester weekend. Constantine countered with a Trewhiddle Tuesday. She declined. He marked it as a maybe. The House finished reforming and Orchid greeted them with two mugs of beer. Deadman was about to depart but Orchid returned to the doorway. He flew in and the House vanished.