Gulf of Mexico

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Eleven The Wake: Clyde
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ocean Master transformed many marine animals into behemoths with the intent of killing his brother, Aquaman, and taking back the throne of Atlantis. Aquaman and Superman responded to a reported attack of a deep water oil platform and sighted giant squid. Refraining from using energy blasts, they transported the platform's workers to a nearby supply ship. Aquaman's telepathy failed against the squid. Superman used his freeze breath to stabilize the rig, immobilize the squid, and prevent a massive oil spill in the gulf. Aquaman detected a cry for help on the ice shelf and they found an octopus with two of his tentacles sliced off. Superman used his heat vision to warm the octopus up and named him Clyde. Aquaman made telepathic contact with Clyde and learned Ocean Master was the cause of the attack. He directed them to Ocean Master's last known location. Aquaman and Ocean Master fought a mental battle for control of the monster sea life. Aquaman took advantage of Ocean Master's implusiveness and taunted him with Superman.

Ocean Master fired a spell at Superman to transform him but Clyde suddenly swam in front and took the blast. He transformed into behemoth octopus and distracted Ocean Master long enough for Superman to grab the trident then Aquaman decked him. Aquaman sent the remaining animals to the deep ocean then took Ocean Master to be imprisoned in Atlantis.