Granary Burial Grounds

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Following Jason Blood's instructions, Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad went to the Granary Burial Grounds at twilight. Blood cast a few repelling spells to drive off sightseers to ensure the grounds would be clear for the meeting then found them. Blood explained twilight was a transition time in graveyards and years ago, the headstones were rearranged in rows with no consideration of where the respective bodies lay. As a result, the grounds were a spiritually chaotic locale. He gave everyone Spectral Lens and stated he needed their eyes. Blood explained that all entities connected to the grounds were visible despite their wishes, for half an hour, in a disoriented state and cut off from the greater spirit world. They looked around for the ghost of a blacksmith while they waited for the guide Blood arranged for. Harley Quinn sighted the smith and gave chase but she was surprisingly struck by a spirit. The spirit turned out to be Gentleman Ghost. He warned them what they wanted wasn't for the living and promised to rectify it by killing them.

Gentleman Ghost sent ghosts loyal to him after Waller, Blood, and the squad. Waller tested her Nth Metal Jacket Bullets and confirmed they were effective against ghosts. She ordered the squad to run past the gate but Blood instructed her to shoot Gentleman Ghost. It was too late, he possessed Bane, punched Waller, then knocked Harley off her feet. Blood tried to fool Gentleman Ghost with an illusion of Etrigan but he saw through the ruse and had several ghosts tear it away. Several reached their arms into Chimera and neutralized him. Ms. Clay got an idea and decked Bane towards the iron fence. Dr. Polaris wrapped several bars around him but Gentleman Ghost simply vacated his body and possessed Polaris. He took Captain Boomerang's arsenal and launched them into Chimera's back, one going through his chest. Three ghosts neutralized Clay next. Gentleman Ghost took Waller's gun and aimed it at Blood. Deadman, the guide Blood arranged for, possessed Clay on the sly and disarmed Gentleman Ghost then slugged Polaris.

Gentleman Ghost left Polaris but got decked. As he disappeared, he swore retribution. Deadman wasn't too worried about the threat. The ghosts began to return to their obsessions without his control. Harley saw the Blacksmith returning to his grave. Deadman reached in and pulled him back out. The Blacksmith willingly told them his role in finishing the Amaurex Key for Vandal Savage overseas then being slain back home in Boston to safeguard any knowledge of the key. Waller found the story useless but Blood believed he told them everything they needed to know to find Savage's chamber.