Gotham City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): Justice League: War, Son of Batman, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Batman vs Robin, Batman: Bad Blood, and Justice League Dark
Appearances (Shorts): Nightwing and Robin
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gotham City is a metropolitan located in Illinois. It was incorporated in 1635. For generations, there was a secret society composed of the richest and most powerful families called the Court of Owls. They were the true ruling force of Gotham. They were behind every wall and in every shadow. When they whispered, Gotham trembled. Not a leaf fell without their permission. Their rule ended when a civil war erupted. At age 10, Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents. At first he blamed the Court of Owls but came to accept that what happened to him was just a tragedy without meaning. He spent the rest of his life training to fight criminals like the one who took his parents away from him. Years later, he took on the costumed identity Batman. The Gotham City Police Department branded Batman as a vigilante and made every attempt to arrest him. To the public at large, he was more of an urban legend. Batman was blamed for a series of terrifying abductions conducted by a Parademon. It was sighted at the docks in downtown Gotham attempting to plant a Mother Box in preparation for an invasion. Police confronted the Parademon. It spewed flames and fled the scene. At 5:21 Central Standard Time (CST), the Parademon kidnapped a woman but was pursued by Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

Batman intervened and tried to get answers but both he and Green Lantern were forced to continue chasing the Parademon into the sewers. They secured the Mother Box after the Parademon blew itself up trying to kill them. They took off for Metropolis in search of more answers. After seven heroes saved the world from Darkseid, they were recognized by the President of the United States for their valor. The Gotham City Police Department backed down from their manhunt to capture Batman. After Darkseid's defeat, the Gotham City Police Department softened their pursuit of Batman and appeared to even work with him on cases. After half of Gotham's biotech firms were robbed, Batman took an interest and tracked down the thief, Killer Croc. Batman was surprisingly saved by Talia. However, after a discussion aboard her yacht at the Gotham Bay, his son Damian was remanded to his custody.

Batman took Damian back to the Batcave and Wayne Manor. In the city, Dr. Kirk Langstrom was paid a visit by Deathstroke. Langstrom was moved to the Gotham Coliseum to continue perfecting a new Man-Bat Serum. The next day, Bruce Wayne showed up for work at Wayne Enterprises but was paid an unexpected visit from Damian. As Batman, he met up with Commissioner Gordon at Arkham Asylum to interrogate Killer Croc and learned his benefactor's location. Damian opted to hunt down Deathstroke's second, Ubu, by himself and chased him into the streets from his residence. Nightwing prevented Damian from executing Ubu and neutralized him. Batman and Damian, now the new Robin, investigated the Gotham Coliseum and managed to extract Langstrom despite revealing themselves to Deathstroke's men. While Langstrom worked on an antidote to his serum in the Batcave, Batman and Robin left Gotham for Interlaken to save Langstrom's family.

Some time later, Scarecrow threatened city hall. Batman pursued several of his henchmen in the Batplane. He planned to scare them enough to provide him information on Scarecrow's aerosol supplier, who Scarecrow was targeting and/or Scarecrow's location. Instead, Green Lantern arrived and neutralized the henchmen so they could hurry back to Metropolis for a Justice League meeting. Batman was not pleased. He called in Nightwing and Robin to complete the case while he was away. The duo cornered Scarecrow and his men in a warehouse and dispatched them. All the while, Talon was watching the fight from the skylight up above. He left once the battle concluded.

Months later, Bruce Wayne was almost ready to present his vision of Gotham's future to the public at large. The Dollmaker kidnapped children from the city who had products from the Schott's Toys company. Robin stole the Batmobile and drove 60 miles out of the city to Ichabod where Schott's Toys was located. They put an end to Dollmaker's horrific surgeries and left the victims to state police. Dollmaker was executed by Talon but Batman assumed Robin did it. He noticed an owl feather planted on the body. Batman traced the feather to a display in the Hall of Owls in the Gotham Museum of Natural History and was ambushed by three undead Talons. Robin continued to sneak out at night and venture into Gotham on his own. While rescuing a couple, Jack and Jill, from two thugs, Robin met Talon again. Talon explained his mission to Robin and offered him a place in it. While driving to a dinner with his girlfriend Samantha Vanaver, Wayne was chased by the Court of Owls and taken to their base. The Court wanted to take back control of the city and return her to her former glory.

Batman eventually tracked Talon and Robin's bloody trail and confronted them on the roof of The Garden. Robin aided Talon and fought off Batman. Batman refocused his efforts on taking down the Court of Owls and found their base in an abandoned section of sewers. He fell prey to an odorless psychotropic drug and was left to wander in their labyrinth. Nightwing followed Batman's last transmission and extracted him. While Batman recovered, Talon and Robin met with the Court of Owls. To prove loyalty, Robin revealed his secret identity. The Grandmaster, who was Samantha Vanaver, recognized his face from an earlier encounter and ordered his death. Talon could not comply and he executed every Owl in attendance. He concocted a new plan to eliminate Batman, force Robin to take his place in the resurrection ritual, steal Bruce Wayne's fortune and flee the Court. Talon revived all the fallen Talons and converged on Wayne Manor. After a lengthy battle, the Talons were frozen and Talon killed himself with Robin's sai. In order to find himself, Damian Wayne left Gotham and went on a journey similar to his father's.

A couple months later, a turf war erupted between the Black Mask Gang and the Heretic Gang. The Heretic Gang kidnapped Chuckie Sol, one of Black Mask's made men, and interrogated him for information on an incoming weapons shipment. They were interrupted by Batwoman and later Batman. However, the Heretic set off an explosion and Batman was taken captive. At the last second, he swung Batwoman into the bay. She believed he died. Two weeks, one day, 15 hours later, Batman was still missing and there was a sharp uptick in underworld activity. Alfred Pennyworth feared criminals would continue to take advantage of Batman's absence. He summoned Nightwing. With little choice, Nightwing wore one of the older Batman suits and went out on patrol in the Batmobile. He went to the docks and battled the Black Mask Gang as they transferred a weapons shipment into their transports. Robin later surfaced and joined the battle, severely injuring Black Mask. Robin taunted Nightwing for a poor performance as Batman and claimed his help was required.

They soon noticed Batwoman was following them all night. They eventually led her into an alley where they confronted her. She admitted to witnessing Batman's death and took them to the site of the explosion. Nightwing proposed they should work together but she declined and glided back towards the city. The next night, Batwoman met with her father in a park. He shared what little intelligence he could find on the Heretic. The Heretic Gang, meanwhile, broke into Wayne Enterprises and forced Lucius Fox to give them access to a secret vault, containing an armory of Batman's technology, in Sub Level 3. The Batmobile picked up the security breach. Batman and Robin intercepted them but failed to stop them from stealing a piece of technology and Fox was left for dead. Dick Grayson visited him at the hospital. Luke Fox, his son, demanded to join Batman's war but Grayson turned him down. That night, he revealed his secret identity to Batwoman after learning hers from one of Batman's files. While they conversed outside Wayne Enterprises, Robin was kidnapped by the Heretic and taken to a convent outside of the city.

Thanks to Pennyworth's foresight, a tracker was placed on Robin's suit. Batman and Batwoman stormed the convent and Batwing came to their aid. The Heretic's master, Talia al Ghul, abandoned the convent. Robin got loose from his restraints and freed Bruce Wayne. The battle between Batwing, Firefly and Killer Moth crippled the convent's structural integrity and it began to collapse. A week later, 20 nations visited Gotham for the World Tech Summit. Bruce Wayne gave the keynote address and introduced cutting edge translators and the Watchtower Initiative. The summit was Talia's target all along and she planned to brainwash all the heads of state, military officials, and corporate officers in attendance and effectively take over the world. Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, and Batwing boarded the Watchtower and battled Talia, the remains of the Heretic Gang, and a brainwashed Batman. To make matters worse, one of the Watchtower's thrusters was destroyed in the aerial battle between Firefly and Batwing. The Watchtower floated into the city and nearly crashed into the Wayne Enterprises tower.

Robin diverted power to the remaining two thrusters while Batwing placed himself between the tower and the Watchtower. Alfred Pennyworth retook the control room and disrupted the brainwashing program, resulting in Mad Hatter's death. Talia ordered Batman to kill everyone but Nightwing managed to get through to him. Talia retreated aboard a transport but she was attacked by Onyx in retaliation for the Heretic's execution for disobeying her orders not to kidnap Robin. They watched the transport crash in the waters outside the city. Some time later, after Nightwing's broken shoulder healed, the newly expanded Bat Family met at the Batsignal. They descended upon a police pursuit of the Penguin. Nearby, Batgirl started her first night. A new mother in Gotham was infected by the madness of the Dreamstone. Instead of seeing her infant child, she saw a demon. Tired and drained, she went to the top of a church and prepared to drop the infant. Batman asked her to let him help. She thought she gave birth to the Devil and tossed the infant.

Batman jumped off the ledge, caught the infant, and shot a grapnel line to an arch. The mother jumped and hit the pavement down below. Batman looked at the infant and apologized. After the Justice League met at the Hall of Justice, Batman returned home. As Wayne shaved in his master bathroom, he cut his right cheek. The word 'Constantine' appeared on the mirror. Wayne walked into his bedroom and saw it written in blood all over. Batman paid Zatanna a visit after she finished a magic show at the Gotham Square Garden. He asked where he could find John Constantine. Zatanna denied knowing where to find him but Deadman suddenly possessed Batman and emphasized it was important for Batman to talk to Constantine. Batman's mind was too tough for him to handle and Deadman was ejected. The trio took to the Batmobile where Zatanna cast a locator spell for the House of Mystery to find them. Destiny took control of Felix Faust and conjured a demonic whirlwind to attack them as the House closed in. The Batmobile was swept into the tornado but Zatanna cast a protection spell around it. Batman hit the gas and sped out of the tornado. They ran into the House while the tornado wrecked the Batmobile.