Gabrielle's Horn

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gabrielle's Horn is a meal center for the hungry located in several cities. Jaime Reyes' parents volunteered at one in his home town. Several years later, Reyes decided to volunteer at the one in the city where the Teen Titans were based out of. He believed it would help the Scarab become more comfortable around humans. Beast Boy and Terra went with him as support. Reyes met Traci and asked about volunteering. Terra knew it was love at first sight. Terra saw a homeless woman eating soup and it triggered a flashback to Markovia. She brushed it off and left the Horn. Two days later, Reyes helped stir mashed potatoes while Traci handed out a plate to a Mr. Fernandez. Traci admitted she thought it was great to have his help and thanked him. Reyes thanked her and admitted he needed to volunteer. Reyes mistakenly reached for a hot tray and burned his hand. Traci warned him to be careful and took his hand. The Scarab chirped in reaction. Traci swore she heard that sound before and was worried it was a short in an electrical wire.

Reyes made an excuse and checked the supply room. Reyes tried to explain sexual attraction to the Scarab and held his right arm down to stop it from forming a cannon. Traci checked in on him. He turned his head and nervously gave her the thumb's up. The next day, Reyes was assigned to make lunch at the Horn. Reyes loaded the ovens and spoke to Traci on the phone to confirm everything was done. Reyes insisted he wasn't a noob and had it handled. Reyes sat down to read a newspaper and was electrocuted by Deathstroke. Some time later, Dick Grayson went to Gabrielle's Horn to check on Reyes. He saw a crowd out front and asked what was going on. Traci told him she wasn't sure and the Horn should be open. Grayson went to the back door, picked the lock, and deduced what happened. Some time after the Brother Blood incident, Reyes continued with his volunteer work. One day, Beast Boy secretly arranged for Reyes to reunite with his family at Gabrielle's Horn.