Dick and Kori's Apartment

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After rejoining the Teen Titans as Nightwing, Dick Grayson starting thinking about the next step in his relationship with Koriand'r, or Starfire. He got an apartment in the city and waited for the right time to propose they move in together. At the conclusion of the third raid in a row of a H.I.V.E. base, Nightwing and Starfire were alone in the control room but the others arrived. Nightwing presented a little black box and opened it. It was a duplicate key. Starfire thought everyone on Tamaran would have gossiped then hugged him. Over a day later, Koriand'r and Grayson starting unpacking her boxes in the apartment. He was surprised by how many weapons she brought with her and hung up a sai and a battleaxe. He noticed she was troubled by something. She told about how they met with him after the incident at the training field with Terra. Grayson insisted they were just talking and would never undermine her. Koriand'r got to the core of the issue, that they went to him instinctively because he was a great leader.

Grayson reminded her they chose her to lead them and he was glad she chose to move in with him. Koriand'r retorted at least she was his first choice for that. Grayson joked Beast Boy had a house already and Jaime Reyes couldn't afford the rent. She called him a brat and pushed him onto the couch. They were about to kiss but got a text from Robin sent by Deathstroke. Grayson mentioned Robin approved of them. They kissed. Koriand'r attempted to cook a meal but only made a mess and dirty dishes. She advised Grayson to pick something up on the way back. She put out the fire with an extinguisher. After Grayson hung up, the door bell rang. She peeked through the keyhole and saw no one. She creaked the door open and saw a present with a note from Grayson. She opened it and was knocked out. Deathstroke retrieved her. Grayson discovered Blue Beelte was taken and tried to send out a warning to the other Titans then called the apartment but he got the answering machine. He stated he was going to get Beast Boy and told Koriand'r to go to the Tower.

After discovering Beast Boy was darted and kidnapped at Metro-Con, he returned to the apartment and burst in. He saw a card written out to her and picked up her keepsake from Tamaran. Deathstroke suddenly swung in from outside and crashed through the glass then kicked Grayson. He threw daggers then punches while he promised to take Grayson to the other Titans. He drew a sword while Grayson grabbed a pair of sai from the wall. Grayson was tossed over the counter. Deathstroke drew his other sword. Grayson grabbed two pans and attacked. Deathstroke slammed him on the coffee table and opened fire with his Energy Lance. Grayson jumped outside and fired a grapnel line but Deathstroke sliced it. Grayson dislocated his left shoulder after dropping down too fast and grabbing a ledge. He dropped onto a pile of trash bags, dodged Deathstroke and ran to an open market nearby. Some time after Brother Blood was defeated, Grayson and Kori settled down in their apartment to watch an episode of Looney Tunes with Daffy Duck.