The Court of Owls

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Batman vs Robin
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In modern times, the Court of Owls kept an underground base in a section of Gotham City's sewers that was shut down and abandoned since the 1800s. There is a theater where the Court presides over recruits, a dining area, offices, and a two floor laboratory dedicated to refining the resurrection of the Court's Talons into an indestructible army. Beneath the theather is a massive maze based on the Labyrinth of classical myth. Even though the section of sewers is hard enough to get to, the Court incorporated an additional precaution and flooded the tunnels outside their base with an odorless psychotropic gas. After a lengthy car chase, Bruce Wayne was drugged, bagged, and taken to the Court of Owls. He awoke in the theater and was offered a chance to merge his vision of Gotham City's future with the Court's. While Wayne contemplated the offer, he slipped a tracer on the mask offered to him. Wayne was allowed some time to consider his answer. He was drugged and bagged again then taken to the front gates of Wayne Manor.

Batman followed the tracker he planted and with some effort found the section of sewers. He pinpointed where the signal was strongest and found a passage opened by pushing in a brick. Batman's transmission to the Batcave was lost as he pressed onward. He entered the theater and was greeted by the Court. Batman soon began to feel the effects of the drug and was dropped into the Labyrinth. Nightwing traced Batman's last transmission and found him. About seven hours later, Talon and Robin went to the Court. Talon presented Robin as his protege but after Robin revealed his secret identity as a sign of loyalty, the Grandmaster ordered his death to wound Batman. Robin was imprisoned in a cage.

Talon, however, couldn't bring himself to kill Robin and jumped up to the Court. He slaughtered every member present. Talon returned to Robin and asked him what he would sacrifice in turn. Robin relied he thought Talon was insane. Talon knocked Robin out and placed him a casket chamber. While Robin forcibly took part in the resurrection process, Talon revived every Talon present and set off for Wayne Manor to eliminate Batman. Robin eventually escaped by disengaging the clamps holding the casket. After the Talons were defeated, Batman tipped off the Gotham City Police Department regarding the Court's location. The police began collecting evidence and processing the scene.