The Catacombs

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, and Chapter Ten)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

For centuries, Vandal Savage kept a base under Paris, France that didn't connect to the general catacombs under the city. Savage's fallen warriors were buried in the walls, in the ground, and even thrown into the aqueduct system then added to a magical security system. If it was set off by interlopers, the dead would be reanimated and attack. In the 36th chamber, Savage kept his most precious artifacts in the temple room and conducted occult ceremonies. The aqueduct system was used to wash out the chamber when sacrifices were made to an ancient aquatic creature. A blacksmith from Boston was blindfolded and brought to Paris by ocean voyage. He was led down underground into a chamber and engraved patterns, into the Amaurex Key, shown to him from ancient scrolls. When he was done, Savage paid him and returned him home, where he was murdered to prevent him from talking about the job. A spell was cast and sealed off Savage's temple room with a cement wall.

20 years later, in the present, Scandal Savage met with Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad at an appointed place along the Seine River. She led them to the entrance to Vandal Savage's catacombs, where only his loyalists or heirs could gain access. Waller stayed at the entrance while she observed by head-cam and gave more orders. She told them about the catacomb then showed lighting one torch lit all of them then showed them a statue of her late father. As they neared the 36th chamber, Scandal Savage discovered a wall blocking their way. Chimera slipped into the aqueduct, swam under the wall, and pulled the lever. They continued to the temple room. The possessed Bane and Harley Quinn stopped in front of a magic mirror and saw different reflections, Deadman and when she was just Harleen Quinzel, respectively. They were all unaware of the undead warriors making their way to them. Ms. Clay noticed a crystal ball and inquired about it. Savage revealed it would answer a question but would always follow up with something bad you didn't know.

Savage found some scrolls and found out it directed a dark priest to bind the Amaurex Key to the dead and make a reanimated defender who grew stronger over time and kept it from being bound to a living user except Vandal Savage, who could also control the zombie. Chimera sensed the undead. Amanda Waller ordered them to keep Savage safe. The crystal ball told Savage the defender and key were back in the United Stated of America in the South. The undead began to clog up the tunnels and cut off any possible exit. The Squad began to fight through them. Savage then saw something terrible from the crystal ball, Waller secretly tipping off the Loyal Cult of Vandal Savage of where her naval hospital ship Recovery was. Waller found herself facing Deadshot's gun but Deadman arrived and possessed him to brief her on the situation. After he left, she wired Deadshot $15 million to help extract the squad. Savage remembered a secret exit and pressed a square on a wall then led them down a hall. Polaris blocked the way with a large gong.

Bane didn't like it and found the act of retreating cowardly and griped as they passed by the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. They found themselves at a fork. Harley picked the right, which was naturally, the wrong choice. They reached the end of the aqueduct and saw a gate. The aquatic creature that accepted Vandal Savage's sacrifices rose from the pool and attacked them. Chimera emerged from an arm and tried to use its telepathy on it. The creature ate him. It accepted the "sacrifice" and went back to its slumber. Before they could get past the gate, more zombies arrived. Deadshot caught up and blew their heads off just as he ran out of ammo.