Church of Blood

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Church of Blood is headquartered on a remote island of unspecified location and is the base of both the Church and H.I.V.E. which in reality are two halves of the same cult organization populated with zealots and extremists with absolute devotion to Brother Blood. Bryce Peterson was granted an interview with Brother Blood. Blood denied accusations placed on his Church of Blood and stated it was a holy place and they strived only to do good. Peterson wanted Blood to level with him and asked if the church was just a glorified cult. Blood replied he believed in an America where all beliefs should be treated with respect and found it a shame the press didn't. He removed his mike and walked out on the interview. Peterson signed off. At some point later, Peterson was strung up and bled out to supply the latest Bloodpit, the method in which Brother Blood remained an immortal for 900 years. Mother Mayhem reported a third H.I.V.E. base was destroyed by the Teen Titans and noticed Peterson.

Blood noted he wouldn't be asking impertinent questions anymore. Mayhem retorted Peterson's heresy didn't compare to the Titans' threat. Blood countered there was always those who opposed him in every age he lived. Blood was rinsed, dried, and clothed by his attendants then noted Deathstroke would keep the Titans at bay per their contract. Mayhem followed Blood to another area. Five followers were used as test subjects for technology related to the Enervator, a machine designed to help Brother Blood ascend to the level of a god. The energy of the other four subjects were drained then transferred to Jericho, standing in a device in the center. Jericho's eyes glowed read and he felt no pain from a crowbar swung into him by an acolyte. Jericho took the crowbar and bent it with his bare hands. Brother Blood congratulated Mother Mayhem and ordered her to advance preparations. She blessed Jericho then shot him in the head, ending his life. The acolyte picked up Jericho's body.

Deathstroke and Terra neutralized and captured the Titans, except for Nightwing. Deathstroke was tricked into thinking he shot him dead for resisting. The Titans were transported to the Church of Blood and affixed to the completed Enervator. Brother Blood addressed his followers and talked about claiming the powers of the false gods for the Church and ascending into the one true God. Deathstroke and Terra were creeped out and eager to conclude the contract then leave. Nightwing placed a trace on Terra's phone and stowed away on the underside of a H.I.V.E. transport on its way to the Church. Blood and Mayhem met with Deathstroke and Terra to address the incomplete deal. Deathstroke quickly surrendered Terra to serve as a substitute for Nightwing. She was darted and placed on the Enervator then it was raised to the center stage. Blood announced the moment of ascendency had arrived. The Enervator was activated. The Titans felt pain as their powers were copied then Blood placed his hands on arms that retracted from the machine. He was transformed and now resembled a part of each of the Titans amalgamated into one being with all their powers.

Nightwing made his move and threw an exploding Birdarangs at the Enervator's console and at Blood. He was blown away and the Titans were released. The followers tried to flee the hall. Deathstroke opened fire and tried to clear a path but Robin and Nightwing took him on while the rest of the Titans fought Blood. Terra regained consciousness and went into a rage about Deathstroke betraying her. She generated earthen columns and raced towards him, side swiping Blood in the process. Terra raised barriers to keep Deathstroke to herself. Blue Beetle and Beast Boy attacked Blood in tandem but he blasted them and called them demon filth. Raven used her soul self to drain away the effects of the Enervator and reduced Blood to an emaciated old man. Blood pleaded with them but he was shot three times in the chest by Mayhem to prevent his arrest. Terra's instability triggered the destruction of the Church of Blood building. Deathstroke bid her goodbye as the ground split around him and boulders rained down.

Amid the cave-in, the fatal bullet wound healed and Jericho came back to life. His eyes flashed yellow. Beast Boy found Terra and called to her. She apologized then lifted him up on a piece of earth and sent him away to the other Titans. Mother Mayhem cradled Blood's body as they were crushed. The Titans retreated but Blue Beetle and Nightwing had to pull Beast Boy away. Terra dropped to her knees and stopped using her ability as the Church of Blood collapsed. Beast Boy dug through the rubble and found her. She looked at him one last time and died in his arms.