Casanova Club

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 3 and Episode 4)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Casanova Club was a night club in Newcastle, England run by a twisted man named Alex Logue. He secretly held "magical convocations" under the club with several acolytes. He used his daughter Astra as a focal point for his spells and draw forth dark magic into the physical world. One night, John Constantine and Chas Chandler performed at Casanova with their band. They discovered the ceremony and Constantine decided to save Astra Logue. Instead of calling the police, Constantine decided to deal with a devil like Alex Logue by summoning a bigger one. He encanted and summoned Nergal. Nergal promptly slaughtered Logue and his followers. Constantine and Chandler tried to flee with Astra but neglected to cast a binding spell on Nergal. It followed them upstairs and murdered everyone. Nergal generated a portal back to Hell and took Astra with him. Constantine was committed to Ravenscar Secure Facility while Chandler tried to soldier on and pretend everything was okay.