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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Centuries ago, Vandal Savage contracted a thirteenth blacksmith from Boston, blindfolded him, and took him to Paris to finish his Amaurex Key in the Catacombs. As promised Savage paid the Blacksmith then returned him home to Boston. To safeguard any knowledge of the key, Savage then slain the blacksmith and he was buried in the Granary Burial Grounds. His ghost was bound to lay in rest rather than haunt Savage. After taking the throne of Atlantis, Aquaman fought Chimera in Boston. They tore up the waterfront. Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad arrived at an airport just outside of Boston on a private jet. They moved through The Public Garden. Harley Quinn wanted to ride the swan boat then spotted a duck statue. She recalled they were from her favorite book, "Outta The Way Fools, Ducklings Up in this, Yo!" She sat on the mother duck statue and asked Waller to take a picture. Waller reminded her not to say her name in public and they continued on.

Following Jason Blood's instructions, they went to the Granary Burial Grounds at twilight. Blood found them and they preceded to find the ghost of a blacksmith but Gentleman Ghost interrupted and attempted to kill them. Deadman, the guide Blood contracted, eventually left the TD Garden and came to their aid. Deadman grabbed the Blacksmith before he could vanish into his grave. He told his story. Blood believed he told them everything they needed to find out where Savage's chamber was.