Belle Reve Pentientiary

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): Justice League: Throne of Atlantis and Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Chapter Two and The Death of Superman (Chapter One Power: Blowing Hot and Cold and Chapter Two Power: Containment!)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Belle Reve Pentientiary is a maximum security facility located in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. Orm was taken to Belle Reve after his failed war against the surface world. He repeatedly demanded to speak to Arthur Curry, his half brother. One night, he was paid a visit by Lex Luthor. Luthor had a proposition for him. Orm declined.

Amanda Waller selected inmates from Belle Reve to participate in Task Force X, a squad of operatives sent on missions with the lowest of success and highest of danger rates. In exchange, the criminal was usually offered 10 years off his or her prison sentence. If accepted, they were injected with an implant into their brain which would allow Waller to remotely blow up an operative at will. Over the years, not many returned from their missions. Deadshot is one known inmate to finish enough missions to eliminate his sentence and gain his freedom. After an offshoot of Clayface developed a distinct personality and gender, Waller had Ms. Clay transferred to Belle Reve for observation, a common trick she used on the understaffed Arkham Asylum. The day after a session with occult expert Jason Blood, Waller returned to Belle Reve to form a new squad. A guard threw water into Captain Boomerang's cell to wake him up. Boomerang threatened the guard's life but realized Waller was present. He accepted Waller's offer, another mission for another 10 years.

They walked to the "plexiglass wing" where the guard entered a passcode required for entry. Ms. Clay pretended to be a guard trapped in her cell. Waller wasn't fooled and punched her after ordering the guard to open the door. Clay accepted an offer. They went to Coyote next. The guard tasered him. Waller offered Coyote the chance to run around and have better food on missions. He accepted. They went to Dr. Polaris next. Instead of accepting a reduction of his sentence, Polaris quickly asked for drugs like Percodan or Oxycontin. They went to Bane next. He agreed to another mission that would allow him to kill people. They went to Chimera's holding tank next. Waller didn't make the standard offer but pointed out it would be time out of the tank. Chimera accepted. Lastly, they went to Harley Quinn. She was eager and asked if she was in charge. Waller stated she never would. Trying something different, Waller took the squad to the training yard so they would have a sense of who they were going into battle with. Mid-speech, Waller saw the Spectre. She gave the squad three days to shape up or heads would explode.

During the Boston mission, Captain Boomerang was injured by Gentleman Ghost and his loyal shades. He was sent back to Belle Reve to recover in the prison hospital. After Doomsday's arrival, Parasite saw Superman battling Metallo on television and broke free in Belle Reve after the guards let their attention wander and got too close. He began draining the staff and challenged Superman to stop him. He crashed through walls and fences to lure Superman close enough to drain. Outside the prison, Superman got drained but the overwhelming influx of sound and vision gave Superman enough time to mount a plan and imprison him in slag. Guards loaded him onto a flatbed. The warden of Belle Reve wanted to keep the slag prison as a souvenir.