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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, and Batman: Bad Blood
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batcave is the secret headquarters of Batman, hidden beneath Wayne Manor. It can be accessed by a hidden passage obscured by a grandfather clock in a study or a secret elevator outside in a tool shed. The main floor has a simple but efficient set up - a highly advanced computer, laboratory, roadway for the Batmobile, runway for the Batplane, and cases for costumes used by Batman and Robin. Alfred Pennyworth often monitors Batman's cases from the Batcomputer and confers with him over a dedicated line.

Ra's al Ghul was aware of the Batcave and often spoke of it to his grandson Damian. Outsiders brought to the Batcave are usually restricted from observing the Batcave's location. In one instance, Dr. Kirk Langstrom was bagged. While Batman and Robin rescued Langstrom's family, Nightwing and Langstrom stayed in the Batcave and worked on producing hundreds of antidotes to the Man-Bat Serum. Once enough was produced, they departed the Batcave for the Outer Hebrides in the Batplane.

After the Dollmaker incident in Ichabod, Bruce Wayne continued his work on the Bat Armor and welded an arm piece. After a scan of an owl feather left by Talon concluded, he left to investigate the Gotham Museum of Natural History. In the meantime, Dick Grayson "babysat" Damian Wayne. Soon enough, they sparred in the Batcave until Robin's temper flared and he won with a low blow. A few days later, Talon launched his undead army of former Talons.

Alfred Pennyworth took to the Batcave and activated the Panic Room Protocol. He descended to Sub-Level 3, entered and sealed the Armory, and began finishing work on the Bat Armor. Nightwing was later tricked into retreating to the Batcave. As he bandaged his wounds, Nightwing was joined by Batman again. The Talons soon blasted themselves an entrance to the cave and the battle continued. Batman made his way to the Armory and suited up with the Bat Armor. Pennyworth took up a shotgun, shadowed Batman, and fired away.

Batman and Pennyworth descended to a lower sub-level to where the cave's utility core was located. Pennyworth entered the core, after passing its biometric security protocol, and flooded the cave with freon gas to lower the temperature to subzero levels. The Talons, weak against subzero cold, were frozen in their tracks. Talon, however, commandeered the Batmobile and crashed it into the Bat Armor. Batman and Talon fought again but Talon managed to stab Batman with one of his gauntlet blades. Robin suddenly appeared and defeated Talon. Robin declared Talon could never replace Batman. Talon grabbed Robin's wrist and lunged his sai forward, committing suicide essentially. After Batman and Robin reconciled, Robin left to pack for his new journey.

Several months later, Pennyworth sent a distress alert to Nightwing's phone. He returned to the Batcave and observed Pennyworth using some of Batman's technology to impersonate Bruce Wayne during a video conference with Wayne Enterprises' officers. Pennyworth informed Nightwing that Batman had been missing for two weeks, one day and 15 hours. Nightwing decided to temporarily take up the mantle of Batman and address the growing crime wave. A few nights later, Robin planned to leave the Batcave on Nightwing's motorcycle despite orders for bedrest. He was amushed by the Heretic. Robin attempted to fight him but the drug's effects took hold. Heretic took Robin with him back to the Sisters of Perpetual Grace convent outside of the city. A week later, Bruce Wayne did a bench press set while the others reflected on the battle at the convent. Wayne and Grayson came into conflict about involving Batwoman and Batwing.