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Appearances: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
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In ancient times, Atlantis sunk into the Atlantic Ocean but its people were saved by the magic of the king's trident which turned them irreversibly into creatures of the sea. Over time, the exact of location was lost. Magical safeguards put in place kept Atlantis hidden indefinitely. Tales of Atlantis were preserved among the Amazons. Among the rest of civilization, Atlantis fell into the realm of myth.

Dr. Stephen Shin, a professor of theoritical marine biology, believed in the existence of Atlantis and spent his career trying to prove it but many wrote off his theories. The present king came to distrust the surface world and saw them as inferiors. He drew up war plans to cleanse the surface by sinking major cities. During the Apokoliptian invasion, a volcano was set off and killed the current king of Atlantis in the process. His queen Atlanna took the throne and refused to declare war on the surface. Prince Orm believed the surface world would eventually kill the people of Atlantis, poison the oceans and destroy the planet. Atlanna wished to use her first son Arthur to bridge both worlds together and forge a peaceful co-existence. Black Manta manipulated Orm into declaring war on Atlantis so he could later plunder its treasures. Missiles stolen from the U.S. Navy submarine S.S. California were fired by Manta at the edge of Altantis. Many Atlanteans harvesting kelp were killed. Atlanna invoked emergency protocols and called for a meeting with the Justice League to personally broker peace.

Atlanna sent her bodyguard Mera to retrieve Arthur Curry. She took him to ancient ruins and revealed the king's royal garbs to him. Orm murdered Atlanna and ascended to the throne. Arthur, Mera and part of the Justice League went to Atlantis but were taken out by Orm and left to die in the dark trench. Orm led the Atlantean army to Metropolis while they escaped from a monstrous creature. After Orm's betrayal was revealed, Arthur was coronated as the next king. In part to help repair relations between Atlantis and the surface, Arthur agreed to join the Justice League. King Arthur's first order of business was to take down a large force of Trenchers approaching the edge of the royal city.