Ace O'Clubs

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): The Death of Superman
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Six Proof: Shots and Chapter Eight Proof: Focus!
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ace O'Clubs is a bar and grill founded by Bibbo Bibbowski and is located in Suicide Slum near Hobb's Bay in Metropolis. Jimmy Olsen dropped off his photo of Superman and Bibbo Bibbowski outside City Hall and talked to Bibbowski. Bibbowski noticed a photo of an Ace O'Club's matchbook. Olsen decided to ask him if he heard anything. Bibbowski remembered some goons talking about a caper and pointed two out. Olsen followed them to a run-down building rather than eat his ribs.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane arrived later at Ace O'Clubs to eat lunch. Lane got a call from Olsen but she could barely hear him because of the Daily Planet's helicopter in the background. He informed her there was a monster attacking the city and it took down half of the Justice League. Olsen had Joe land the helicopter outside Ace O'Clubs but noticed Lane was just standing there focused on Superman flying off into battle.