Wonder Woman

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Real Identity: Diana
Alias: Diana Prince
Affiliations: The Amazons and Justice League
Appearances: Justice League: War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Flight, Unarmed Combat, and Swordsmanship
Voiced By: Michelle Monaghan (War) and Rosario Dawson

Diana is an Amazon warrior from Paradise Island. She is armed with a sword and the Lasso of Truth, a lariat that compels men to speak only the truth. She left Paradise Island and found herself in Washington D.C. as a political envoy. Steve Trevor was assigned to serve as a liaison between the U.S. federal government and Diana.

A group of Americans protested against Wonder Woman for several reasons, including her pagan beliefs, scaring people with her sword, dressing like a whore, and a tendancy to cause severe property damage in battles. At 8:45 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Wonder Woman and Trevor were being driven to the White House for a meeting with the President but a protest group leader climbed atop their car. Wonder Woman stepped outside and demanded to know who their enemy was. She saw the leader's hung Wonder Woman doll and realized they were protesting her. She did not believe the leader and wrapped him in the Lasso of Truth. He admitted he cross-dressed in a Wonder Woman outfit and it made him feel powerful. The crowd dispersed and Wonder Woman continued to the White House. She soon became weary of waiting for the President and left the White House. After walking across the street amid traffic, she met a girl named Hannah Grace. Grace admitted she wanted to be just like Wonder Woman and introduced her to ice cream.

Wonder Woman marveled at the taste of ice cream but Trevor found her and tried to get her back to the White House. Wonder Woman refused to comply but Trevor reminded her of her responsibilities and offered to take her to have the best home made ice cream in all of D.C. if she was interested. A horde of Parademons at the White House jilted Wonder Woman into action. She declared being a warrior was her true responsibility. As she cleaved through one after another, Wonder Woman took to the skies and boarded Air Force One, saving the President and First Lady. However, upon throwing a Parademon outside, it was sucked into an engine and blew it up. Wonder Woman rescued the President once more after he fell out of the breach. Wonder Woman was impressed by Superman's arrival and feat of powers. Superman likewise was impressed by Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman and Superman eventually arrived in Metropolis and met Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. But the sudden arrival of the unknown Victor Stone prompted Wonder Woman to attack. Stone's automated systems blasted her into a car.

Under Green Lantern's leadership, most of the super-humans made a play against Darkseid but Shazam's showboating almost cost them. Wonder Woman punched Shazam square in the jaw and ordered him to act like a warrior and not a child. Wonder Woman took charge and rallied everyone forward. She got Darkseid by the neck with her lasso, blocked his Omega Effect then stabbed him in the right eye with her sword. Darkseid charged after her and pummeled her until Flash intervened. They kept up the attack until Superman and Batman arrived and forced Darkseid through the last Boom Tube with their combined strength and Cyborg's interface with the Mother Boxes. In the aftermath, Wonder Woman and Superman had developed feelings for each other. At the U.S. Capitol building ceremony, Wonder Woman admitted it felt good to walk among a pantheon of gods again. She compared Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, and Shazam to Hades, Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus, and Zeus but she teased she never met anyone, mortal or god, like Superman.

Wonder Woman grappled with living in man's world, neither a god nor a human. While reflecting on this in Athens, Wonder Woman opened up to Superman. He claimed to have a way to deal with it. Like Clark Kent, Wonder Woman took on a civilian identity. She referred to herself as Diana Prince, a diplomat. The two went to Metropolis and went on a date. They ate dinner at a Greek cafe. Diana loved her new glasses and being able to hide in plain sight as a normal person. Kent tried to explain it was more like being one of them but she didn't understand. The date was interrupted by Lois Lane, Kent's co-worker, who thought it was an interview. Once Diana stated it was a date, Lane admonished Kent for not picking somewhere posh. Cyborg and Shazam emerged from a Boom Tube outside the cafe looking for Superman and Wonder Woman. Gathering at S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis, the Justice League went over the S.S. California and Cyborg's assault. Batman and Wonder Woman immediately noted Cyborg's assailants as trained warriors.

Once Batman pointed out a gills on one of the assailants and Cyborg showed the sickle they used on him, Wonder Woman recalled the tales of Atlantis she read as a girl. She told the others about how the king of Atlantis saved his people by the magic of trident and irreversibly turned them into creatures of the sea when the nation sank into the ocean. Only Superman believed her at first. The Justice League gathered at Arthur Curry's location and helped defeat the Trenchers trying to assassinate him. Wonder Woman used her lasso to tie up many Trenchers at a time and launched them into the sea. She remained on the unit that escorted Curry and Mera to Atlantis. Wonder Woman was in awe of Atlantis but that was short lived when Orm attacked and neutralized them with the Trident. During the Atlantean invasion of Metropolis, Wonder Woman saved Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen from several Atlanteans. Showing respect first, she gave them a chance to stand down to an Amazon but they attacked and were put down in short order.

Wonder Woman caught up to King Orm just as he was killing Cyborg. She used her lasso to pull the Trident from Orm's grasp and took hold of it herself. Resisting the Trident's safeguard, Wonder Woman struggled to prevent the Trident from flying back to Orm. She punched Orm in the face but was swung around and thrown into a van. The Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman took swings at Orm and were beaten. Batman and Cyborg managed to reveal Orm's treachery and Curry defeated him. During Arthur Curry's coronation as Atlantis' new king, Wonder Woman agreed with Batman's suggestion of being more active with the Justice League and watching for threats to Earth. After Curry accepted membership, she warned of the pressures of the crown but he felt it would serve keeping a foothold in both worlds and repairing relations. Wonder Woman was impressed and noted he was a gifted leader.

Wonder Woman was in attendance at the unveiling of the Justice League's Hall of Justice headquarters in Metropolis. After the Legion of Doom crashed the ceremony, Wonder Woman battled Cheetah. Wonder Woman followed Cheetah into a parking structure and implored her to surrender rather than engage in more violence. Cheetah pounced on her, slashed her back and leaped away. Wonder Woman lassoed her ankles then slammed Cheetah onto the roof of a vehicle. After Weather Wizard got possessed, Wonder Woman knew magic was at play. Robin flew the Batplane into Wizard. The three kiloton blast knocked him out of the air. As he dropped, Wonder Woman captured him with the lasso and ordered him to stand down. The Corruptor vacated Wizard's body. The next night, Clark Kent and Diana Prince spoke on the phone. They agreed to go out and see a movie. Prince teased she bought new glasses so he might not recognize him. The next night, they went to a theater participating in the Metropolis Film Festival.

Prince enjoyed catching up on pop culture but thought the harsh language was entirely unnecessary and the female lead existed only to be rescued by the leading man. Still, she enjoyed the diversion. Prince noticed something was wrong with Kent. He ran off into an alley. Batman and Wonder Woman later found Superman at the conclusion of a fight with Atomic Skull. Wonder Woman noticed Skull was barely alive and asked again what was wrong. Batman pulled Kryptonite on Superman but it wasn't enough to stop him. Batman warned Wonder Woman they were all targets but she refused to hide. The next day, the League approached the Teen Titans and wanted to take Raven into protective custody but they were possessed by the Corruptors. Wonder Woman threatened to break Starfire's neck with the Lasso. Raven conceded and left with them to the Middle East, where she brought Trigon, her father and interdimensional demon conqueror, forth. Once Superman was exorcised, he confronted Wonder Woman and ensnared her in the Lasso. He ordered her to state who she was. Wonder Woman declared she was Diana of Themyscira and ejected the Corruptor.

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash fought in vain to stop Trigon from marching on Kahndaq City. She hurled boulders into his face to no avail. In the city, Wonder Woman was punched into a building. The League watched as Raven dragged Trigon into a shard of the crystal he was imprisoned in before his arrival. 10 days later, Wonder Woman congratulated the Titans and declared their determination and teamwork saved the world and the League. Wonder Woman picked up the car driven by a woman affected the a nightmare vision and ended her spree. The woman begged Wonder Woman to save her from the demons. Wonder Woman remarked she only saw one. Several civilians lay in the streets in her wake. Wonder Woman and Superman presided over the League meeting about the nightmare crimes popping up all over the world. Wonder Woman believed there was an overriding factor and suggested a paranormal element. Batman didn't agree it was magic. Wonder Woman stated they went up against magic before and cited Circes, Trigon, and Felix Faust. Batman countered the criminally insane didn't need magic as an excuse and left. She and Superman exhanged looks.

Wonder Woman responded to Batman's alert about Destiny appearing in Washington D.C. but she was turned mad by the influence of the Dreamstone. She rushed Batman just as he disarmed Green Lantern, John Stewart, but Zatanna incanted in time. Wonder Woman was tied up in the Lasso of Truth.