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Real Identity: Clark Kent
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Justice League: War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Enhanced Senses, Heat Vision, Flight, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Alan Tudyk (War) and Jerry O'Connell

Superman is a powerful alien residing in Metropolis. He is originally from the planet Krypton and goes by the alias of Clark Kent. He was raised in Smallville. Currently, he lives in Metropolis and works as an investigative reporter. Sometimes, he shares a bi-line with fellow reporter Lois Lane who nicknamed him "Smallville."

After Batman and Green Lantern secured a Mother Box, they decided to talk to Superman and see if he knew anything. Superman, himself, fought a Parademon near the Daily Planet until it exploded. Green Lantern suddenly appeared and Superman punched him into a distant LexCorp tanker. Green Lantern and Batman continued to battle Superman at a LexCorp Demolition Zone but Lantern managed to enrage him. Superman punched Lantern's protective bubble across the city until it shattered. Batman managed to get Superman to stop by calling him "Clark." Superman paused and used his X-Ray vision on Batman, realizing he was Bruce Wayne. Superman knew nothing of the Mother Box but the three were surrounded by police helicopters. They descended into the sewers and hid at an abandoned printing press. Superman admitted he chalked up the kidnappings in Metropolis to standard crime in the big city. The Apokoliptian invasion began soon after but Superman had no difficulty in destroying multiple Parademons at a time.

Superman suddenly heard a distress call near the capitol and flew off without informing Batman and Green Lantern. He located Air Force One and stabilized it while blasting Parademons with heat vision. Wonder Woman appeared from a wheel bay. The two were smitten with each other. Superman landed back in Metropolis just in time to stop Green Lantern from attempting to flirt with Wonder Woman. He didn't take kindly to Cyborg accidentally shooting her but Flash vouched for him.

Superman didn't think much of Darkseid but in the midst of the opening battle, he was rendered unconscious by the Omega Effect. A Parademon flew him to a Parademon Hive and delivered Superman to DeSaad's personal laboratory on Apokolips. DeSaad went to work attempting to splice Superman's DNA and turn him into a Super Parademon, programmed to lead the invasion on Earth. Batman infiltrated the laboratory and attempted to free Superman. Superman, however, was in a state of rage while trying to fight off the artificial intelligence attempting to assimilate him. Once Cyborg reopened Boom Tubes across Earth, Superman emerged - back to normal and sporting an Apokoliptian chest plate. He ripped it off and joined the fight against Darkseid. As Cyborg inititated Boom Tube closure, Superman uppercuted Darkseid and the portal sealed up. At the U.S. Capitol building ceremony, Superman didn't think they were a team but admitted it was nice to meet some peers who understood him. Wonder Woman even admitted she had never met anyone, mortal or god, like Superman.

Superman visited Athens with Wonder Woman, who was struggling with living among humans. Superman reassured her he had learned a way to. They arrived in Metropolis and went on a date in their civilian identities. Diana was impressed they could blend in. Clark Kent thought it was more like being them. They were interrupted by Lois Lane. Once she learned it was a date, Lane chided Kent for not going somewhere posh and wondered why women dated him in the first place to his amusement. Cyborg and Shazam suddenly emerged from a Boom Tube outside the Greek cafe they were eating in. Knowing they were searching for Superman and Wonder Woman, Kent asked the staff if they could wrap their food to go. The Justice League met at S.T.A.R. Labs and went over the S.S. California. After Atlantis came up, Batman decided he and Superman would go question Dr. Stephen Shin, a professor who believed in the fabled city's existence. Superman wondered when Batman was voted team leader. They found Shin's office ransacked and his work destroyed.

Superman noticed debris in Shin's aquarium and retrieved them. Superman quickly pieced them together on the glass exterior and Batman had Cyborg remotely run his facial recognition program and extrapolate text from a letter. The League converged on Arthur Curry and found him overrun by the Trenchers. Superman arrived last and took down many in his landing. He activated his heat vision and told the remaining Trenchers to retreat. They promptly left. Curry was unsure of the sudden revelation that he could be king of Atlantis and lead its people into the next century. Superman stepped forward and told him how he was the sole survivor of his planet. If he had a chance to save his world and meet one of his own race, even for a moment, that would be enough. Convinced by Superman's words, Curry agreed to go to Atlantis. Superman remained on the unit to escort him and Mera to the royal city. Ambushed by Orm, they fell prey to the magic of the Trident. Even, Superman was wounded. They were encased in pods and left to die in the dark trench.

Arthur Curry utilized his royal blood to disintegrate his pod and freed Superman. Superman quickly used his heat vision to save his comrades from a giant monster trying to swallow them. While Curry got them to safety, Superman took on the monster alone. After being slammed around, Superman turned the tide and clocked the monster with an uppercut then rammed him into the cliffside. Superman gathered enough force and dislodged debris onto the monster. During the Atlantean invasion of Metropolis, Superman came upon a construction site and saved two workers from Atlantean soldiers. He waived to one of the workers, John Henry Irons, and flew off. After the majority of the League fell to Orm, Superman arrived and used his heat vision. Orm's trident absorbed the blast and redirected it back to Superman. He shrugged it off and flew right into Orm, blasting him across the street. Orm recovered and stabbed Superman in the chest, electrocuting him. Arthur Curry stepped in and defeated Orm with some help from Cyborg and Batman. Superman suggested Curry for membership into the Justice League to which he accepted.

During the unveiling of the Hall of Justice, Superman battled Lex Luthor, who was wearing a Lexcorp warsuit, while Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg fought other members of his Legion of Doom. After Luthor pinned Superman under his foot, Superman punched him into a nearby parking lot then into another building. Luthor asked if this was how he treated his guests. Superman remarked he crashed the party and called them even. Luthor uppercut him into the air, flew up, punched him twice, then threw him into the Hall. Back outside, Superman and Luthor locked hands. Superman noted to Luthor he was smarter than conducting a brazen assault. Luthor insisted superheroes attracted supervillains and he was just an innocent industrialist caught in the middle. Superman wasn't amused and emitted precise heat vision blasts all over the warsuit. He ripped the suit's arms off and the suit itself powered down and fell to pieces. Luthor vowed he would pay. Superman remarked he probably had the suit insured.

At the conclusion of the attack, Weather Wizard ran away but ended up possessed by one of Trigon's Corruptor demons. Superman elected to go after him but he was knocked clear across into a building, narrowly missing Robin. Superman was surprised to see his nose was bleeding. Wonder Woman knew they were now dealing with magic. Superman grabbed a car and distracted Wizard while Flash and Batman helped evacuate civilians to safety. Wizard soon blasted him into the bay. Robin ignored orders and flew the Batplane into Wizard. As he fell to the ground, Wonder Woman lassoed him and inadvertently forced out the Corruptor. Superman insisted on cutting Robin some slack but no one else agreed with the idea. The next night, while doing laundry, Clark Kent talked to Diana over the phone and suggested going to a movie. A Corruptor demon ambushed him in the apartment's laundry room and attempted to possess him. The next night, Diana and Kent went to a theater participating in the Metropolis Film Festival. After their movie got out, Kent began to lose control.

Kent stared into a store display and saw a vision of Trigon's realm. Diana tried to inquire what was wrong but he told her to stay away from him and ran into an alley. He stopped at a construction site and bashed his head against a slab repeatedly. The Corruptor took control and noticed a fire in the distance. Superman found Atomic Skull breaking into a vault and nearly beat him to death. Batman pulled out a piece of Kryptonite and attempted to drive the demon out with Superman's weakness but it wasn't enough. He stated the "rising" could be stopped and they would have their parts to play then "the girl" would be taken. He flew off. Steve Trevor tracked him with military satellites but they lost him 55 miles off the coast of Metropolis. Flash searched for him in vain. Superman flew to the Middle East and stopped above a section of desert 60 miles north of Kahndaq City. He unearthed the Infernal Shrine, a magical structure built by Satanists. He stood guard until the other Corruptors and Raven arrived to activate the shrine.

24 hours later, a Boom Tube appeared in the sky. Cyborg, Starfire, and Blue Beetle emerged and unleashed an onslaught on Superman. As Superman drew near, they scattered. Beast Boy flew at him with Robin in tow. Robin stabbed Superman in the ribs with Kryptonite. The Corruptor left his body and he fell into the desert. He was back to normal and asked Robin to remove the Kryptonite. Superman admitted to Starfire it was good call then went after the possessed Flash. He broke Flash's run by exhaling at him then tried an arm lock but he vibrated away. Superman apologized and broke Flash's left leg. The Corruptor left. Superman battled the possessed Wonder Woman last. He snatched the Lasso of Truth and captured her. He comanded her to say who she was. Wonder Woman broke free and declared she was Diana of Themyscira. Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash attacked Trigon as he marched on Kahndaq City but nothing worked, not even Superman's heat vision. The League watched as Raven trapped Trigon in a shard of the crystal he was original imprisioned in.

Superman aided the Metropolis Police Department in a stand off between a man named Steve holding his wife Gloria and two children at gunpoint in their home. Steve suffered the nightmare visions affecting many across the planet and believed monsters took his family and neighbors. Superman flew through the ceiling and shielded Gloria and the children just as Steve fired. He grabbed the shotgun, bent it, and threw it aside. A SWAT team stormed the home and converged on Steve, who keep insisting he was right. Steve led them to his shed where he stored the bodies of his neighbors. Superman blew the door out with heat vision and was horrified by the body count. Superman and Wonder Woman presided over a League meeting about the outbreak. Superman admitted they had no idea what the cause was. Batman spoke up and leaned towards ruling out magic. Wonder Woman cited past encounters with Circes, Trigon, and Felix Faust while Superman pointed out Shazam's powers were based in magic. Batman countered the criminally insane didn't need magic as an excuse then left. Wonder Woman and Superman exhanged looks.

Superman responded to Batman's alert about Destiny appearing in Washington D.C. but instantly fell prey to the Dreamstone. Driven insane, Superman flew at Batman. Zatanna incanted just in time and paralyzed Superman in mid-air. Batman turned around and saw he narrowly avoided a direct punch from Superman.