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Real Identity: Billy Batson
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
Powers/Skills: Lightning Generation, Enhanced Physical Attributes, and Flight
Voiced By: Sean Astin (Shazam) and Zach Callison (Billy)

Billy Batson is an immature and petulant teenage boy who lives with a foster family in the suburbs outside Metropolis. He has a foster sister named Darla Dudley and a foster brother named Freddy Freeman. At some point, Batson gained the ability to transform into a super powered adult by yelling the word "Shazam!" A lightning bolt would strike him and turn him into Shazam. Besides super strength and flight, Shazam had the unique ability to generate lightning. With some concentration, he can also form a ball of lightning or create a field to shock nearby targets.

Like most, Batson was a fan of Ford High School's senior quarterback Victor Stone. At 6:45 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Batson sneaked into the high school football state final game by lying a pair of senior citizens were his grandparents. Batson found an empty seat reserved for the absent Dr. Silas Stone and took in the game. Stone's son, Victor, noticed Batson. After the game, Batson hid in the Ford High School team's assigned locker room and met Stone. He covered for Batson and lied to a guard. Batson congratulated Stone and made off with his hoodie. He eventually sneaked back home through his bedroom window but Dudley and Freeman were waiting. Batson admitted to stealing the hoodie and walked down to the kitchen for milk. When they told him about the Parademon reports, Batson laughed at them for believing it. Soon enough though, he saw a Parademon run through the backyard with a human victim. Batson stepped outside, took a baseball bat and went into stance. As a Parademon lunged at him, Batson turned into Shazam. The Parademon was swatted across the city and the neighborhood experienced a minor black out.

Shazam flew off and followed the horde of Parademons back to the source, S.T.A.R. Labs. Upon entering the hole in the roof, Shazam recognized the cyborg as Victor Stone. While Stone was unsure of his place, Shazam continued to see the human in him and assured him he found his place. Together, they flew downtown and met five other individuals. Shazam took to showing off in front of Wonder Woman but was knocked around by Darkseid. Green Lantern's plan to blind Darkseid was nearly ruined when Shazam flew out of formation and gave their position. To make matters worse, Darkseid grabbed Shazam and flailed him around, throwing lightning at the others. Wonder Woman got Shazam free then socked him in the jaw. She ordered him to act like a warrior instead of a child and follow her into battle. With one eye down, the super-humans made for the other. Shazam cleared away the Parademon hordes by unleashing a wave of lightning at them. Once Flash plunged a crowbar into Darkseid's left eye, Shazam launched a ball lightning at it. As a result, Darkseid's Omega Effect overloaded and he was blown back.

As Cyborg opened up Boom Tubes to force the Apokoliptian invasion through, Shazam fought Darkseid but was nearly crushed under his heel. Wonder Woman and Flash saved him the battle continued. Cyborg was unable to initiate Boom Tube closure due to insufficient energy so Shazam flew him up into the sky and yelled "Shazam!" Cyborg was able to close the portals and saved Billy Batson as he fell into the city. They landed on an apartment balcony. Batson thanked Cyborg and made him promise to keep his secret identity a secret. At the U.S. Capitol building ceremony, Cyborg and Shazam once again thanked each other. Shazam assured him they were all proud of him, even his father Dr. Stone. Shazam wasn't too sure about the seven heroes forming a team and cited he had a lot of responsibilities. However, when the President asked them for a team name, Shazam quickly declared they were the Super Seven but the others weren't too fond of it.

When Cyborg called a meeting of the Justice League, Shazam arrived first on account he didn't mind ditching school. When only the Flash arrived, they split up to gather the others. Cyborg and Shazam boomed elsewhere in Metropolis outside a Greek cafe. Shazam was surprised to see Superman and Wonder Woman on a date. One of the other patrons in the cafe shouted her love for Shazam. After the Justice League conducted their investigation of the S.S. California, Atlantis came up. Shazam recalled a show about Atlantis with a professor that could help them. Shazam was crestfallen when Green Lantern pointed out there will many brilliant minds working nearby in S.T.A.R. Labs. Cyborg backed up Shazam's suggestion and scrubbed through Dr. Stephen Shin's work. Shazam was concerned Cyborg became distant and a workaholic like his father and called him out on it. After observing the tension between Cyborg and Dr. Charles, Shazam implored him to ask her out on a date. As the Justice League converged on Arthur Curry, Shazam used his lightning powers to neutralize several Trenchers upon landing.

Shazam returned to monitor duty at S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis with Batman and the Flash. When a giant tidal wave manifested near the eastern seaboard, Shazam was at a loss with how the three of them would evacuate all the cities in time. The Justice League attacked the Atlantean army. Shazam made his entrance crippling a tank, raising it up with his lightning, then slamming into a building. After King Orm knocked Mera out, Shazam arrived and blasted Orm. The lightning had not effect. Orm summoned a lightning attack and transformed Shazam back into Billy Batson. Orm was amused he defeated a child and became more confident of his victory. After Orm's defeat, the League attended Arthur Curry's coronation in Atlantis. Shazam burst in on Cyborg and Dr. Charles with the news just when they were about to kiss. After Charles agreed to a date, Shazam cheered Cyborg on much to his dismay. He couldn't help but geek out to the fact he was standing in the middle of Atlantis. After Curry accepted membership into the League, Cyborg suggested a codename. Shazam revealed people online were referring to Curry as "Aquaman."