Nightmare Nurse

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Real Identity: Asa the Healer
Appearances (Shorts): Constantine (Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4)
Powers/Skills: Magic (Healing, Shield Generation, and Spiritual Examination), Memory Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Flight, and Shapeshifting
Voiced By: Laura Bailey

Asa the Healer is a demon who sore an oath to preserve life, do no harm, and the like. As a result, she was always compelled to help others in need. She manifests as a sultry female human nurse called Nightmare Nurse. Unable to investigate the comatose body of Trisha Chandler, John Constantine summoned Nightmare Nurse to the London Hospital. Time stopped around them and Chas and Renee Chandler out in the hall. Nightmare Nurse exited a portal and wasn't excited to see Constantine. She remarked his timing sucked because she was right in the middle of a threesome with a dryad and a slyph, both of whom she teased were better than him. Constantine retorted she was nothing to write home to either. Nightmare Nurse was amused and teased they both knew that wasn't true. She cut the small talk and asked what he wanted. She noticed Trisha Chandler. Her hands lit up purple and she reached into the girl. Constantine kept bugging her if it was possession.

Nightmare Nurse told him to shut up and let her do her job. She learned Trisha's soul was gone. Constantine insisted something was just in here. Nightmare Nurse called forth the Rod of Asclepius and connected to Trisha's body. Trisha spoke through her and pleaded for help. She could only see she was in a cold cage and was alone except when the "nasty man" came. Beroul suddenly took over and taunted Constantine about who he was. He scorched "1247 Enstrom LA" into a window then immolated Nightmare Nurse. She survived only because she was a demon then retook her human guise. She and Constantine looked at the message, exchanged looks, and time was restored. Constantine introduced her to Chas and Renee Chandler as a private nurse he hired to keep watch over Trisha while he went to Los Angeles. Nightmare Nurse cast the Shield of Airmed over Trisha's body to keep it safe in the meantime. Renee Chandler thought it was all crazy. Nightmare Nurse wasn't impressed and observed humanity went about their lives like sleepwalkers with no idea of what was going on.

Nightmare Nurse looked out the window and saw demons out of phase with the physical world trying to interact with people. Renee Chandler claimed she knew more than she let on and hinted that "darkness" almost destroyed her husband. Nightmare Nurse recalled he was with Constantine in Newcastle. Chandler asked if she knew the story. Nightmare Nurse admitted she only knew pieces of it because not even Constantine talked about it. Chandler couldn't bring herself to but Nightmare Nurse suddenly touched her forehead and said it wasn't a request. Her memories manifested as bubbles and she began to talk about Newcastle in detail as Chas Chandler eventually told her. At the end, she began to cry. Nightmare Nurse wiped away a tear from her left eye then time rewinded to when she wouldn't tell the story. Nightmare Nurse told her it was alright and didn't have to tell her if she didn't want to.