Green Lantern

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Real Identity: Hal Jordan
Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps and Justice League
Appearances: Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
Powers/Skills: Solid Light Construct Generation and Flight
Voiced By: Justin Kirk (War) and Nathan Fillion

Hal Jordan is an Air Force pilot from Coast City and a bit of a smartass. He is currently stationed at the Ferris Air Base. At some point, he was recruited to join the Green Lantern Corps and was assigned the space sector that included planet Earth. With a power ring, Jordan could create electromagnetic solid light constructs through concentration. If his mind became scattered, the constructs would lose integrity and fade away. Green Lantern came into conflict against the United States Air Force but struck up a friendship with the Flash.

Green Lantern investigated the kidnappings in Gotham City blamed on Batman. Around 5:21 PM Central Standard Time (CST), Green Lantern pursued the real culprit, a Parademon. Lantern surrounded it with a serpentine dragon construct but the demon tossed its female hostage. Lantern broke off and caught the woman on a giant baseball glove construct then raised her up to a building roof with an elevator construct. The woman was immediately skeptical and asked what the rescue was going to cost her. Lantern was dismayed and continued his search but was tackled into a light display billboard. It proceeded to pummel Green Lantern but Batman intervened. Lantern gathered himself and rammed a truck contruct into the Parademon. Surprised by Batman's existence, Green Lantern ignored his request to turn off the lights. They were surrounded by the Gotham City Police Department. The Parademon flew off undaunted by the police. Green Lantern refused to leave the city and kept up the chase. He caught the Parademon in a vice grip but it slipped out, disregarding its wings.

Green Lantern was astounded Batman had no super powers but enraged when Batman took off his power ring beneath his notice. They caught up with the Parademon in the sewers but it blew itself up. Green Lantern shielded himself and Batman from the blast. Upon examining the Mother Box planted by the Parademon, Lantern was surprised his ring was unable to identify it as the ring was a repository of the Guardians of the Universe's knowledge. As they decided to seek out Superman in Metropolis for answers, Lantern was certain he was more powerful. At 9:03 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), the unlikely duo landed in Metropolis. Lantern was sure Batman would be in the way and encased him in a construct. He assured himself he would beat up Superman and get publicity on TMZ. Green Lantern was wrong and socked into a LexCorp tanker truck. He eventually recovered and chained Superman up unsuccessfully. He surrounded himself and Batman in a protective bubble and struggled to keep his concentration as Superman punched them around the city.

After Batman cleared the air, the three relocated to an abandoned printing press. Green Lantern found Batman's theory of an impending invasion paranoid and opted to crack open the Mother Box. Before he could, it activated and opened a Boom Tube. They were forced to fight off a horde of Parademons. Lantern was relieved when his ally the Flash arrived to provide support and quickly mocked him for happily greeting Batman for the first time. He was smitten with Wonder Woman's arrival but Superman had reservations. Once Darkseid arrived, Green Lantern charged after him and was knocked into a building. He tried to counter with a train construct but didn't faze Darkseid at all. Darkseid soon broke his right arm and eventually unleashed a shockwave on the seven super-humans. Green Lantern attempted to fly off and rescue Superman but Batman stopped him. Batman surmised they were alike in that they were the only normal humans. Lantern was stunned when Batman called him by his real name. Batman unmasked himself and talked about his tragic past then asked him to focus on the important things.

Green Lantern went along with Batman's directive and rallied the other super-humans together to keep Darkseid busy until he returned with Superman. Once they settled on using teamwork, Flash asked what the plan was. Green Lantern mused Darkseid was shooting lasers out of his eyes. Wonder Woman quickly ascertained they would go after Darkseid's eyes. Lantern's plan almost fell apart when Shazam charged ahead and tried to defeat Darkseid himself. Wonder Woman took control of the situation and was able to accomplish the goal of taking out Darkseid's eyes. As the battle progressed, Green Lantern continued to bombard Darkseid with elaborate constructs. After Darkseid and the Parademons were sent back to Apokolips, Cyborg boomed the human victims back to Earth. Green Lantern fashioned baseball catcher mitts and flew off to carry them to safety.

At the U.S. Capitol building ceremony honoring the heroes, Lantern was irritated when Batman revealed Cyborg emailed him a video of Green Lantern's brief tenure leading the assault on Darkseid. Batman surmised the public support would keep the United States Air Force away from their pursuit of Green Lantern. Green Lantern, however, didn't like the idea of a team since he had a space sector to patrol and felt this invasion was a one-time team up. He doubted something similar would happen in the future.

After most of the Justice Leauge failed to show up for a team meeting, Hal Jordan was busy getting the phone number from a secretary at the Ferris Air Base. As he looked at her phone number, Jordan was irritated he instead found a note by the Flash to meet him outside. Flash informed him there was a situation and raced him to headquarters. Green Lantern didn't know there even was one. Irritated by Batman's absence, Lantern flew to Gotham City by himself. He found Batman chasing down Scarecrow's henchmen through the streets of Gotham in the Batplane. Lantern took the lead and created a road construct under the henchmen's car. As the construct curved around, it led to a wall. The henchment were all knocked unconscious. Batman wasn't pleased. He wanted them awake and afraid enough to spill information about the Scarecrow's threats to city hall.

The Justice League went over the downed S.S. California. Green Lantern scanned the submarine and found no energy signatures. All damage was done by hand. As they watched footage of Cyborg's assault, Lantern noticed a barrel roll. The assailants were versed in 360 degree combat. Despite everything he encountered, Lantern drew the line at the existence of Atlantis. Primarily, he was apprehensive with dealing with magic. When the League found Arthur Curry, he was being attacked by Trenchers. Upon arrival, Lantern was dogpiled. He shifted his force field into a giant mace and forced the Trenchers off. Green Lantern joined the team to escort Curry and Mera to Atlantis. During the Atlantean invasion, Lantern created a giant mechanical suit and literally vacuumed the soldiers up and jettisoned them out. However, he was no match for the power of the trident used by Orm. In one shot, Orm destroyed his jet construct and blasted Lantern across the city into a building. Batman found Lantern and asked him for anything on Orm.

Green Lantern recalled Orm's admission of killing his own mother, the late Queen Atlanna. Batman left in search of Cyborg, whom he knew would have recorded Orm. In the aftermath of Orm's defeat, the Leaguers agreed to solidifying the team. Even Green Lantern agreed to it, on account he didn't want to miss the next thing. Once Arthur Curry accepted membership into the League, Cyborg noted he would need a codename. Shazam revealed people online were referring to Curry as "Aquaman." Curry hated that. Green Lantern declared he would be Aquaman. On the week of a supernatural outbreak of madness caused by Destiny, Jordan was off world and fellow Lantern, John Stewart filled in for him.