The Flash

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Real Identity: Barry Allen
Affiliations: Central City Police Department and Justice League
Appearances: Justice League: War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed and Knowldge of Forensics
Voiced By: Christopher Gorham

Barry Allen is a forensics scientist with the Central City Police Department's Crime Scene Investigation Unit. He is infamous among his co-workers for being incredibly slow. Allen later gained the power of super speed and took on the costumed identity of the Flash. Ironically, the CSI was retasked as a "Flash Task Force" ordered to track the Flash's movements and find out his secret identity. The Flash later met Green Lantern and struck up a friendship. He told Lantern his secret identity.

The Flash fought a Parademon and managed to kill it as it tried to plant a Mother Box. He turned over both to S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis and stayed in contact with a lead scientist named Dr. Silas Stone. A few days later, at 5:38 PM Central Standard Time (CST), Allen followed up and called Stone as the Flash while walking back to forensics. Later on, Allen called again but during a Parademon siege in S.T.A.R. Labs. Stone frantically asked for help. As Victor Stone held his own against the Parademons, Flash arrived and helped clear out the Red Room. Sensing the tension between Dr. Stone and Victor Stone, Flash ran off to check on downtown Metropolis. He met up with Green Lantern and was speechless at the sight of Batman. He managed to blurt out how honored he was to meet Batman. To Flash's amazement, Batman shook his hand and complimented him on his work in Central City. Green Lantern took the opportunity to jab at Flash's moment. Soon other super-humans arrived. Cyborg's automated defenses blasted Wonder Woman but Flash held off Superman and vouched in defense of Cyborg.

In the opening battle against Darkseid, Flash managed to outrun his Omega Effect and redirect it to hit a group of Parademons but was out of breath, a rare instance. He realized the other half of the Omega Effect was still on Superman's trail. Superman was hit and taken to Apokolips. After Wonder Woman took out Darkseid's right eye, the super-humans went after his left eye. Flash borrowed a crow bar from a fireman, ran up a building and jammed the object into Darkseid's eye. Shazam launched a ball of lightning. Drawn to the crow bar, Darkseid was further harmed. They succeeded in forcing Darkseid and his Parademons back to Apokolips. Flash enjoyed working together with the others and felt they could continue to work as a team.

After Cyborg called a team meeting, the Flash hurried to S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis. He apologized for being late but realized he was only the third in attendance. No one else responded. Flash proposed they gather their comrades the old fashioned way, in person. Flash went to the Ferris Air Base in search of Green Lantern. Just as Hal Jordan was about to look at the phone number he just got from a secretary, Flash raced in unseen and switched papers. To his annoyance, Jordan saw a note from the Flash to meet him outside. Flash briefed him on the situation and challenged him to a race to headquarters. As the Justice League went over the downed S.S. California, Flash counted four dozen unique handprints moving in sync. Batman deduced the California was victim to a choreographed onslaught by four squadrons. As they watched footage of Cyborg's assault, Flash noted the assailants had the strength to knock a quarter ton of metal to the ground underwater and rationalized their sensitivity to sound was due to the fact sound traveled 4.3 times faster underwater.

Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam and Cyborg worked on finding a possible location of Atlantis. After no results, they were redirected to finding Arthur Curry. The Flash arrived first and introduced himself to Curry, while knocking out Trenchers. Batman, Flash, and Shazam returned to S.T.A.R. Labs for monitor duty while the others went with Curry and Mera to Atlantis. They watched as a gigantic tidal wave made its way for the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. Just as Wonder Woman was defeated by Orm, Flash took his shot but was eventually clotheslined. After Orm's defeat, Batman brought up solidifying the team. The Flash pledged he would take part. The Flash attended the unveiling of the League's new headquarters, the Hall of Justice, in Metropolis but it was attacked by the Legion of Doom. The Flash took on Weather Wizard. Wizard fired lightning bolts at Flash but he ran up the side of a building and spun his arms, sending two tornados at him. Wizard took control of them then started generating hail.

The Flash ran across the pieces of hail and stole the Weather Wand. Without it, Wizard was powerless and plummeted. Flash ran after him and broke his fall by ramming him at the last second. Wizard pleaded with him not to hit him in the face. Flash obliged and punched him repeatedly in the chest. Wizard tried to run for it but got possessed. Flash caught up to him and implored him to give up. To Flash's surprise, Wizard broke his hand cuffs off and levitated into the air without his wand. Flash and Batman escorted lingering civilians to safety while Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg tried to stop Wizard but Robin defied orders and flew the Batplane into him. Flash asked Batman if he ever considered boarding school. Two nights later, Superman was fully possessed by a Corruptor. After military satellites lost him 55 miles off the coast, Cyborg sent Flash to check out the area. The next day, the League boomed to the Titans Tower and asked for Raven but the Corruptors possessed them. The Flash phased his hand into Robin's chest and threatened to kill him. Raven conceded.

The Titans exorcised Superman with Kryptonite. Once Robin removed it, Superman took on the Flash. He exhaled and knocked Flash off his footing then traded shots. Superman tried to arm lock him but he vibrated away. Superman apologized, levitated, then severely broke Flash's left leg. The Corruptor left. Superman quickly asked Flash how long it would take him to heal. Flash was still shocked at his situation and guessed an hour. Superman gave him 10 minutes. The Titans were too late and Raven brought her demon conqueror father Trigon to Earth. Flash ran at top speed up Trigon and decked him under the chin but it failed to inflict any pain. In Kahndaq City, Flash ran civilians to safety while Superman and Wonder Woman mounted a last ditch effort against Trigon. They watched as Raven trapped him in a shard of the crystal he was imprisoned in. Flash attended the League meeting at the Hall of Justice to go over the global outbreak of nightmare crimes caused by Destiny and the Dreamstone.