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Real Identity: Victor "Vic" "Victory" Stone
Affiliations: Ford High School and Justice League
Appearances: Justice League: War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Technopathy, Wormhole Generation, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Shemar Moore

Victor Stone is the son of Dr. Silas Stone, a lead scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis. Stone's mother died and his father promised he would take protect of their son. Stone attended Ford High School and became a super star football quarterback. He took the #7.

Victor Stone started as quarterback for Ford at the high school football state finals. At 6:45 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), the game was tied at 28 with 13 seconds left in the game. Stone checked his father's reserved seat and saw it was empty. In the huddle, Stone called for Gun to dice right, Yo-Yo to scat right, and Y-option on heart. After dodging two defenders, Stone threw a pass and it was caught in the endzone. Stone looked up and saw Billy Batson in his father's seat. The Ford High team cheered and declared they were heading to the nationals. While changing in the assigned locker room, Stone left a voice mail for his father informing him the team won. He turned down an offer to join the team for pizza on account he was going to see his father. Batson sneaked into the locker room. Stone recognized him from earlier but willingly lied to a security guard searching for him. Batson thanked him and congratulated him for the 43 yard winning pass but Stone acknowledged it was a team effort.

Stone became sullen when Batson mused it must have been nice to have someone else to trust that much. Batson decided to leave but stole Stone's jersey beneath his notice. Stone made his way to S.T.A.R. Labs and demanded to see his father. He wouldn't take "no" for an answer believing work was more important than him. The father and son spoke to the side. Stone revealed scouts attended the game and offered him full ride scholarships. Dr. Stone quickly reminded him he was going to pay for college so he wouldn't have to look for any scholarships. Stone became irritated and reiterated he was offered them because they thought he was talented unlike his father. Dr. Stone went into a tirade about the rise of super-humans making things like football stars obsolete. Stone was crushed. Angered by attention the Mother Box was getting, Stone grabbed it just as it activated. He was caught in a back wash of radiation. Dr. Stone was horrified and rushed him to the Red Room with Sarah Charles and Dr. Thomas Morrow.

Somehow, Stone was still alive but in a lot of pain. The energy from the radiation was eating him from the inside out. To make matters worse, it was inducing cardiac arrest and racing up his spinal cord. With little choice, Dr. Stone ignored protocol and risk to save his son's life. He injected Victor with nanites and repaired his skin with a Promethium skin graft. However, Stone suddenly flatlined. Stone suddenly came back to life and the radiation began assimilating material around it for Stone's new body. Stone's mind was essentially turned into a quantum computer. Now a cyborg, Stone stood up and offensive mode was activated. He surprisingly held his own and killed Parademons while assimilating more technology in the room forming things like rocket thrusters. After the Flash arrived, Stone saved him by disintegrating a Parademon with a white noise cannon. Stone was disgusted he was a half man, half machine - just another one of his father's experiments.

Overwhelmed by a buzzing sound, Stone was drawn to the lab where the Boom Tube was formed. Stone's mind downloaded unassimilated data relating to Parademon indoctrination. He learned the origins of Parademons and what their programmed missions was - to kidnap organic beings to be turned into more Parademons and help terraform planets for Darkseid. When the download completed, Stone's body took the Mother Box into itself. Shazam floating into the building, having fought off Parademons, and recognized Stone. They took off for downtown and met other super-humans. Wonder Woman mistook him for an enemy and prepared to attack but Stone's defense mode activated and blasted her into a car. The Flash held off Superman and vouched for Stone. He revealed that he knew about the invasion to the others just as Darkseid arrived off shore. Stone recognized Green Lantern's rally cry for team work and believed he could figure out a way to send the invasion force back to Apokolips. Shazam assured him he found his place again among the other super-humans.

After the super-humans permanently blinded Darkseid, Cyborg went to work connecting to the Mother Box and generating countless portals across the planet. As all Parademons were forced through the Boom Tubes, Superman and Batman returned to the battle. However, Stone lacked sufficient energy to initate Boom Tube closure. Shazam offered his lightning at the cost of revealing his secret identity. It worked and the world was saved. Cyborg grabbed Batson and promised to keep his secret a secret. Cyborg returned to the others and used his connection one last time to boom all human victims from Apokolips to Metropolis. He reported all Mother Boxes were fried and thus, Earth was safe for the time being. Stone took the codename Cyborg and emailed a video of Green Lantern's bungling to Batman. At the U.S. Capitol building ceremony, Cyborg had a new look but was still unsure of his place among the others. Shazam reassured him he was a hero. From the audience, Dr. Stone gave Cyborg an approving nod. Cyborg thanked Shazam for continuing to see him for who he was. To his chargin, Shazam chanted his nickname "Victory."

As Cyborg, Stone immersed himself in work and ignored contact with his father. He soon agreed to environmental upgrades at the cost of his last remaining lung. During the operation, he dreamed of being normal again and jogging through a park. When he awoke, Dr. Charles was going over his vitals. After she left, Cyborg was paid a visit by Colonel Trevor, who was now government liaison to the Justice Leauge, formerly the Super Seven. He assigned Cyborg to salvaging missiles from a downed submarine called the S.S. California. Cyborg elected to boom down to the submarine and also try to access the security footage before escalating the situation. Scanning the exterior, Cyborg discovered handprints. He went inside and interfaced with a computer station. After discovering the security footage files was corrupted, Cyborg learned the missiles were missing. He was suddenly attacked by three assailants. After his servos were damaged by a sickle, Cyborg retreated. Upon entering a corridor, Cyborg shot twice behind him then boomed back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Cyborg called a team meeting but only Shazam and Flash arrived. They set out to gather the others. Cyborg and Shazam boomed to another part of Metropolis, outside a Greek cafe. Amid the patrons gawking at them, was Superman and Wonder Woman on a date as Clark Kent and Diana Prince, respectively. After the League looked over the exterior of the S.S. California, Cyborg walked them through his assault. He showed Wonder Woman the sickle he was attacked with, confirming her suspicions. Atlantis was involved. Going on Shazam's suggestion, Cyborg looked up Dr. Stephen Shin and his theories on the existence of Atlantis. While Batman and Superman looked for Shin, Cyborg began digitally cross referencing all known mentions of Atlantis. Batman contacted him after Superman found some pieces of paper scattered in an aquarium in Shin's office. Linked to Batman's cowl, Cyborg ran his facial recognition program and identified the man in the picture as Arthur Curry then extrapolated text from a letter written by Curry's father, Thomas, asking for help with his half-Atlantean son.

Shazam was astonished Cyborg had turned into his father and pointed it out, to Cyborg's dismay. Dr. Charles arrived to thank Cyborg for the field date but he blew her off. Shazam noticed the tension and suggested they go out. Cyborg shot down the idea and continued cross referencing data until Batman forwarded Curry's coordinates to S.T.A.R. Labs. The Justice League found Curry in the middle of fighting off the Trenchers. Cyborg put his cannon to use. He was part of the team that went with Curry and Mera to Atlantis and ambushed by Orm. After re-establishing communications, Cyborg learned of the giant tidal wave headed to Metropolis. He boomed everyone to the outskirts of Metropolis' shoreline. Recalling his earlier encounter, Cyborg used sound to weaken the Atlantean soldiers. Orm resisted, knocked Cyborg on his back and impaled his chest with the trident. Cyborg's systems powered down. Batman managed to revive him with a taser and had him replay footage of Orm admitting to murdering Queen Atlanna. Orm was soon defeated.

Cyborg was repaired back at S.T.A.R. Labs and admitted his feelings for Dr. Charles. Just when they were about to kiss, Shazam burst into the room with news about Arthur Curry's coronation in Atlantis. After securing a date, Cyborg headed to the city with Shazam. After Batman suggested soldifying the team, Cyborg revealed he was working on plans for a watchtower. Arthur Curry joined the Justice League and Cyborg pointed out he would neeed a codename. "Aquaman" was chosen. Cyborg attended the unveiling of the Justice League's new headquarters, the Hall of Justice, but it was interrupted by the Legion of Doom. Cyborg took on the Toymaster. He boomed behind Toymaster and mockingly asked if his mother kicked him out of the basement. One of Toymaster's drones rammed into Cyborg. He switched to his arm cannon and opened fire on the drones. He took cover and declared playtime was over. After Toymaster fired off several missiles, Cyborg fired several tasers into Toymaster's floating pedestal. It and Toymaster fell to the ground. Cyborg destoryed his wrist device.

Two nights later, Cyborg found Batman working in the Hall of Justice and offered him pizza. Batman declined then asked Cyborg where the pizza went if he didn't have a stomach anymore. Cyborg informed him he didn't want to know and asked what he was working on. Batman was looking at all footage of the battle with the Legion. Cyborg activated quadrant pixel enhancement and cleaned up the video. They realized Weather Wizard accidentally walked onto something while it was in the middle of a search. Cyborg observed the Batmobile's feed and watched Wonder Woman and Batman confronting the possessed Superman. After military satellites tracking Superman lost him 55 miles off the coast, Flash went to check the area. Batman had Cyborg search the Internet for Superman sightings and any recent supernatural events with a subsection for "female." The next day, the League boomed to the Titans Tower and tried to take Raven into custody but Robin objected. The Corruptors appeared and possessed the League. Blue Beetle and Cyborg traded shots.

Raven conceded and opened a portal to the Middle East. Just as Cyborg was about to enter it, Blue Beetle shot a device into back of his neck. Cyborg was overloaded and went offline. The Corruptor left his body. 24 hours later, Cyborg woke up. The Teen Titans updated him of what happened but Cyborg was apprehensive about their chances against Wonder Woman, Flash, and Superman. Robin didn't think they would be a problem. Cyborg, Starfire, and Blue Beetle emerged from a Boom Tube above the Middle East first and fired at Superman. At the last second, they scattered and Robin stabbed Superman with Kryptonite, freeing him from the Corruptor. Cyborg and the Titans went for Raven while Superman exorcised Flash and Wonder Woman. Cyborg accompanied the Titans to Trigon's realm to procure the crystal Raven needed to imprison Trigon in but they were forced to battle a swarm of demonspawn. After Trigon was trapped, Blue Beetle thanked Cyborg for his help. Beast Boy suggested he leave the League and join the Titans instead.

Cyborg admitted it was nice not having to be the youngest for once but couldn't bring himself to resign from the League. Beast Boy turned into a donkey and farted. 10 days later, Cyborg boomed to the Titans Tower for pizza night. He was embarrassed once he realized he interrupted a meeting between the League and Titans. Undaunted, the Titans started celebrating and eating pizza. Cyborg noticed Raven was wearing the same shard she used to trap Trigon on her forehead. Raven mused they could be together like he said. Cyborg noted that arrangement had to be torture for Trigon. Cyborg attended the League meeting at the Hall of Justice to go over the global outbreak of nightmare crimes caused by Destiny and the Dreamstone.