Blue Beetle

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Real Identity: Jaime Reyes
Affiliations: Teen Titans
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Weapons Generation and Flight
Voiced By: Jake T. Austin

Jaime Reyes encountered an alien attachment and it fused to Reyes' spine. He learned it called itself Scarab and could form a suit of insect-like armor as well as generate any weapon he could think of. They maintained something of a telepathic link to each other and only Reyes could hear the Scarab. He took on the name Blue Beetle. In need of help with mastering the Scarab's abilities without knowing its true purpose, Reyes was taken in by Starfire at the Titans Tower and became a member of the Teen Titans. He didn't think they had anywhere else to go since they were freaks. Reyes struggled with not being able to be with his birth family in person. Reyes warned the others never to annoy the Scarab since he didn't have full control over it.

Blue Beetle and the other Titans finished a training session. Scarab "laughed" when Raven commented Beast Boy was something crammed into something. Beast Boy poked Scarab and told it to butt out. It angrily lashed out at him. After things calmed down, they waited for their latest member, Robin, to arrive. Beetle found him creepy upon first impression. The next day, Robin used the training simulator for an hour and a half straight and refused to stop or let the others join in. He wouldn't listen to Starfire either so Blue Beetle turned the machine off. Robin challenged Beetle and threw a Birdarang at him claiming he heard the Scarab technology was fast. Starfire tried to calm the tensions but Robin started picking a fight with her. Blue Beetle had enough of his disrespect and fashioned blades from his arms. They fought. Robin inquired who he was fighting, Reyes or the Scarab. Reyes mused he better hope it was him. Robin declared while Reyes wore a weapon, he was a weapon. The Scarab formed a cannon on Beetle's chest and fired off a massive blast point blank on Robin.

Robin was barely alive but Raven was able to heal him. Reyes apologized then left with the others to tend to Raven. Later that night, Beast Boy played with his Jenga blocks and started to annoy Reyes. Reyes asked him to play with it anywhere else. Damian Wayne approached Reyes and acknowledged it was a mistake to challenge him without knowing the full capacity of his Scarab. He promised it wouldn't happen again then walked away. Reyes was shocked he just apologized. Beast Boy teased that Robin liked him. During a night of mandatory fun at the carnival, Garfield Logan and Jaime Reyes battled each other in a dance off video game. Logan won. Reyes offered free popcorn to anyone who could beat him. Wayne took up the challenge despite never dancing before and won. Reyes congratulated him. They were forced to suit up when Raven was attacked by the Corruptors, demon progeny of Raven's father Trigon. Raven explained her past to them and Trigon was trying to use her to come to Earth and conquer it. They returned to the Tower.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and the Flash arrived and wanted to take Raven with them for questioning but she and Robin refused. The Corruptors appeared and possessed the League. Blue Beetle and Cyborg traded shots with each other. Beetle survived taking a point blank blast from Cyborg. As Raven and the League entered a portal, Beetle shot a tiny device on the base of Cyborg's neck and overloaded his systems. The Corruptor left Cyborg's body. 24 hours later, Cyborg came back online. Cyborg, Blue Beetle, and Starfire exited a Boom Tube to the Middle East and drew the possessed Superman towards them. They opened fire on him until he was close enough then Robin stabbed him with Kryptonite. Superman exorcised the other Leaguers while the Titans rushed to save Raven. They were too late and Trigon arrived. They went to Trigon's realm to retrieve the crystal that he was imprisoned in but they had to fight off a legion of demon spawn and the Corruptors. Blue Beetle was constricted by spawn but Beast Boy, in a hell beast form, rescued him and ripped the spawn apart.

After Raven trapped Trigon again, Blue Beetle thanked Cyborg for his help and remarked it was nice for once to have a big gun around. 10 days later, Beetle was eager to start pizza night and celebrate the team's victory. One year later, Reyes still had difficulty with the Scarab. As Terra transported the Teen Titans up a narrow corridor up to a H.I.V.E. base, the Scarab became nervous. After pebbles dropped on it, it instinctively slashed around. Robin drew his sword and threatened Beetle to control it or he would. In the battle against H.I.V.E. soldiers, the Scarab continued to cause issues. It fired blasts at the soldiers, Terra, and Robin. The next day, Jaime Reyes and Garfield Logan played foosball but the latter was distracted by Terra. Logan declared he was awesome but everything he did pissed her off. Reyes advised him to stop turning into a chimp and stealing monkey kisses. Logan insisted everyone thought it was adorable. Reyes disagreed then called a time out to talk to his family.

Reyes had a video chat with his sister and parents. Reyes' sister, Milagro, thanked him for the 17 Forever gift cards. His mother asked if he was eating enough. Reyes' father noticed the Scarab still didn't like him. He insisted it was getting better. His father pointed out that after two years and wondered why Superman or another superhero couldn't pry it off. Reyes' mother scolded him about not trying to end their conversations the same way. Reyes took out his frustration on a punching bag. In an effort to make the Scarab more comfortable around humans, Reyes thought of volunteering at a local Gabrielle's Horn. Garfield Logan and Terra Markov tagged along for support but he wasn't having any of it. Markov pointed out she respected Reyes for not wanting to talk about his problems. He presented the center. Markov didn't get it. Reyes contested they didn't have to move mountains to help people. He met a volunteer named Traci and asked about volunteering.

During a training session the next day, Blue Beetle lost control of Scarab again after Raven enveloped him in her soul self attack. It fired a powerful blast through the soul self and hit Raven. Terra lost control while she sparred with Beast Boy. Beetle destroyed her earth construct while Starfire jilted Terra to normal. The next day, Reyes helped stir mashed potatoes while Traci handed out a plate to a Mr. Fernandez. Traci admitted she thought it was great to have his help and thanked him. Reyes thanked her and admitted he needed to volunteer. Reyes mistakenly reached for a hot tray and burned his hand. Traci warned him to be careful and took his hand. The Scarab chirped in reaction to the spike in his pulse. Traci swore she heard that sound before and was worried it was a short in an electrical wire. Reyes made an excuse he heard it and checked the supply room. Reyes tried to explain sexual attraction to the Scarab and held his right arm down to stop it from forming a cannon. Traci checked in on him. He turned his head and nervously gave her the thumb's up.

During a raid on a molecular biologist's lab, several H.I.V.E. drones got the drop on Beetle and blasted him outside. He formed twin cannons and fried the drones. Deathstroke remotely reactivated one and killed the biologist before he could be questioned. Beetle quickly destroyed the drone. The next day, Deathstroke attached several car batteries to a H.I.V.E. device he planted under a chair in the kitchen of Gabrielle's Horn. Reyes was assigned to make lunch at the Horn. Reyes loaded the ovens and spoke to Traci on the phone to confirm everything was done. Reyes insisted he wasn't a noob and had it handled. Reyes sat down to read a newspaper and was electrocuted by Deathstroke. The electric shock was enough to neutralize both Reyes and the Scarab. Some time later, Dick Grayson went to Gabrielle's Horn to check on Reyes. He saw a crowd out front and asked what was going on. Traci told him she wasn't sure and the Horn should be open. Grayson went to the back door, picked the lock, and deduced what happened.

Like the other Titans, Beetle was powerless and unable to access Scarab when he was bound to the Enervator of Brother Blood, the leader of H.I.V.E. and Deathstroke's client. Beetle vowed to Deathstroke he would break him into little pieces. Deathstroke mocked his accent, announced he was eating waffles, then introduced Terra as his spy. Beetle couldn't believe it. Blood was able to replicate the Scarab's abilities like the arm cannon. After being freed, Beast Boy and Blue Beetle relentlessly attacked Blood until Raven stripped his powers and vitality away with the soul self. Beetle and Nightwing were forced to drag Beast Boy to safety as the Church collapsed around Terra. Some time after the Brother Blood incident, Reyes continued with his volunteer work. One day, Beast Boy secretly arranged for Reyes to reunite with his family at Gabrielle's Horn. Reyes hugged his sister then mother. His father stood back and didn't know what to do but Reyes hugged him.