Zombie Talons

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliations: Court of Owls
Appearances: Batman vs Robin
Powers: Regeneration, Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Talons are highly trained assassins loyal to the Court of Owls. Children who have gone through a traumatic affair are recruited by the Court, raised by them, indoctrinated, and trained to be formidable warriors. Bound by no code of honor or system of rules and master of any and every known fighting art, the Talons were capable of incredible acts of violence, stealth, and acrobatics. Even the Talons were not strong enough to squash the civil war that erupted from within the Court. In the present, the Court began experimenting on dead Talons with samples taken from a Lazarus Pit. Even some over a hundred years old were resurrected. However, the zombie Talons were vulnerable to extreme cold and only lasted for a few hours out of their caskets. The Court gathered the remains, analyzed them, and refined their process. Soon, they could last three hours before needed to be exposed to the resurrection ritual again. The reanimation process was extended to more than eight hours. The Court soon refined the process so that the Talons could last a full day's time. The current Talon was scheduled to take part in the ritual then lead the other Talons in a war to reclaim Gotham City for the Court.

Batman was lured to the Hall of Owls in the Gotham Museum of Natural History after he found a feather planted on the Dollmaker's corpse. He was soon ambushed by three zombie Talons, from the Victorian era. One was armed with a pair of sai. Another with a cutlass sword. Their fighting prowess was more than a challenge for the distracted Batman. The unarmed Talon drew first blood and slashed Batman with a blade concealed in his boot. Through the course of the battle, Batman realized the Talons were reanimated corpses and could regenerate from even the most fatal strike. He did manage to destroy one by planting a small explosive on its back. Wounded heavily, Batman tried to leave the museum through the skylight but was tackled down another one. Both Batman and the Talon crashed into the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton display. Unable to move, Batman was prey to the two Talons but just as they prepared to strike the final blow, they both disintegrated.

Talon and Grandmaster plotted to have Robin, Damian Wayne, take the former's place in the resurrection ritual and lead the Talons. However, the revelation of Batman's secret identity complicated things. Instead of obeying the Grandmaster and killing Robin, Talon slaughtered all Owls present. He imprisoned Robin in a casket chamber and activated the resurrection ritual. He concluded Batman had to be eliminated before he fled from the rest of the Court so he awoke every dead Talon. The Talons invaded Wayne Manor and battled Batman and Nightwing. Alfred Pennyworth directed Batman, in the Bat Armor, to the utility core after he was informed by Robin of the Talon's weakness to subzero cold. The Batcave's temperature was dropped and the Talons all froze in place.