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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League: War
Powers: Flight, Flame Emission, Enhanced Physical Attributes, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Parademons are monstrous expendable soldiers who serve Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips. They are engineered to decay and fall apart in a short span of time. Parademons locate inhabitable planets, harvest organic material, process organic material at Parademon Hives, and Apokoliptian pods repurpose them with exposure to radiation containing an artifical intelligence. The victims are transformed themselves into Parademons and indoctrinated to serve Darkseid. In preparation for a full-scale invasion, Parademons were covertly sent to Earth to kidnap people to be processed into more Parademons and plant Mother Boxes in strategic locations.

Several places, such as Gotham City, Central City, Washington D.C., and Metropolis, across the United States of America were plagued by a rash of terrifying abductions conducted by the Parademons. Due to the covert nature of the abductions, many in Gotham City suspected Batman was the culprit. Batman, himself, was the only to see the connection between all the kidnappings. The Flash also encountered a Parademon in Central City. He defeated it and turned over its corpse and Mother Box to S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis. Days later, one night, a Parademon attempted to plant a Mother Box at the docks in downtown Gotham. When the police confronted it, it spewed flames. At 5:21 Central Standard Time (CST), a Parademon kidnapped a woman. Green Lantern happened to be in Gotham investigating the abductions. He confronted the Parademon who threw the woman. After Green Lantern saved the woman, the Parademon tackled him into a lit billboard. The resulting fire burned off the Parademon's hood and revealed its true appearance. Batman intervened and tried to interrogate the Parademon but it simply exhaled flames from its mouth. Green Lantern rammed a train construct into it but the Gotham City Police Department distracted them. The Parademon sprouted wings and flew off, prompting another chase. It briefly shook them and entered the sewer system. It took the Mother Box from its chest and affixed it to a wall. When Batman and Green Lantern caught up, it issued a death cry and blew up.

In Metropolis, a Parademon attacked Superman and was killed. Darkseid moved up the invasion to preserve a sense of surprise and the Mother Boxes on Earth generated Boom Tubes. Armies of Parademons flooded through them. In Washington D.C., Wonder Woman fought the wave of Parademons that came out of the White House. After receiving a distress call from Dr. Stone, the Flash raced to S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis and fought the Parademons. Victor Stone emerged from his traumatic accident and surgery and vaporized a Parademon with a white noise cannon. At his foster home in Metropolis, Billy Batson observed a Parademon barrel through the backyard with a victim. Batson took up a baseball bat, transformed into Shazam and took a swing at the Parademon. Parademons attacked Air Force One and boarded it. Just as the President and First Lady were surrounded, Wonder Woman arrived and saved them. Superman flew to Air Force One and helped guide it to safety while fending off Parademons in the skies.

Shazam battled Parademons and found the source of the beasts was S.T.A.R. Labs. Batman and Green Lantern were joined by the Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg, and Shazam in downtown Metropolis just as Darkseid arrived. When Superman was taken, Batman posed as a civilian and was carried off by a Parademon to Apokolips. Batman dispatched the Parademon by stuffing an explosive in its mouth then confronted DeSaad, who was trying to process Superman into a Super Parademon. When the heroes were reunited, Cyborg interfaced with a Mother Box and opened up Boom Tubes around the world, including Taipei and Paris. All Parademons were sucked through the portals back to Apokolips. All humans kidnapped by Parademons were boomed back to Metropolis by Cyborg.