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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Atomization and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

While Zatanna and Constantine went through the memories of Steve, one of Destiny's victims, in the psyche ward of Metropolis Health Center, Destiny possessed Felix Faust a second time. He chanted while pouring liquid into a bowl then stirring. The lights flickered in the hospital hall outside a restroom then the incantation gathered fecal matter into a bestial golem. Its screech was heard by everyone at the nurse's station, including one nurse possessed by Deadman to keep Steve's room from being disturbed. A nurse was grabbed and dragged into the restroom then the Golem erupted into the hall. Anything in its path was killed and reduced to a skeleton. Deadman jumped behind the station, left the nurse, and followed the Golem. Two security guards opened fire on it to no avail. Deadman possessed the heftier of the two and tackled the other guard out of the Golem's way. It continued on. Deadman possessed the other guard and attempted to unlock several doors but he was smothered and killed by the Golem as he tried to unlock the second set of doors.

Deadman left the guard's body in time. Batman noticed the commotion and threws exploding Batarangs at it. Deadman possessed an orderly and entered Steve's room. Batman's Batarangs triggered the overhead sprinkler system. He improvised and turned on a crash cart then threw it onto the Golem. While it was stunned by the electricity, Deadman put Steve over his shoulder and ran for it but the Golem took Steve into a room and locked it. Constantine needed more time to find the memory of who infected Steve but the dimensional access created with the Keshanti Key was fading due to the Golem's assault. Constantine grabbed a shard of the memory then Zatanna. As the mental plane shattered, the accessway turned orange then burst. Zatanna incanted and discorporated the Golem. The fecal matter scattered all around the room. Deadman couldn't help himself and remarked the "shit's really hit the fan!" Constantine called him on it and they left. Batman looked into the room and pondered what just happened.