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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Batman vs Robin
Powers: Above Average Physical Attributes and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Dollmaker kidnapped children from Gotham City who owned products made by Schott's Toys. He believed he could save these children from a similar fate he suffered at hands of his psychopathic father by doing everything in his power to help them survive. Some did not survive Dollmaker's surgeries. He believed some had to be sacrified so the others could live. Not as helpless children but as dolls that no one could hurt. Those that did had doll faces attached to their own and limbs amputated and replaced with weapons like circular saws and a flame thrower. Reduced to a rabid state, they obeyed Dollmaker's commands and were caged like animals. The second Robin, Damian Wayne, deduced the connection between the children and Schott's Toys and searched the Ichabod factory. Dollmaker released his dolls and ordered them to protect him. Batman arrived and was left alone when Robin chased after Dollmaker. Batman neutralized the dolls with gas balls then released the captive children. State police took them into custody.