Catacomb Creature

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Chapter Ten
Powers: Immunity to Telepathy and Life Consumption
Voiced By: Not Applicable

For centuries, for an indeterminate reason, Vandal Savage appeased an ancient aquatic creature in his section of The Catacombs under Paris with human sacrifices. The aqueduct system was used to funnel the dead straight to its pool. In the present, Scandal Savage and the Suicide Squad encountered the creature while they searched for an alternate exit. They thought it was a mass of zombies stuck together at first but Chimera burst away and revealed it was an arm. The creature arose from its pool. Chimera believed it would answer to their marine telepathy. He ignored Savage's misgivings it may be an older form of creature than he was used to commanding and used his power. It did not obey and grabbed Chimera with its tongue then chomped him. The creature accepted Chimera was a sacrifice and returned to its slumber.