Bat Ape

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman
Powers: Limited Flight and Enhanced Physical Attributes
Voiced By:

Dr. Kirk Langstrom conducted his Man-Bat serum experiments for Ra's al Ghul in secret. He used various animals as test subjects in an attempt to splice animal DNA to human with his advanced but unstable mutagens. One of them was an ape. The serum only appeared to make it more aggressive and gift it with two wings too weak to sustain flight. At some point after Deathstroke had Dr. Langstrom moved to the Gotham Coliseum, the Bat Ape escaped from its cage. Batman encountered the ape when he found the lab and tasered it. The Bat Ape was unaffected and charged into Batman, launching them out of the building. The Bat Ape was unable to fly and took a hard fall while Batman swung to safety. It got up then lost consciousness.